This Sharpie marker is really your new favorite EDC cache!

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vital carry sharpie cache 1

NEWS – It might look like a regular Sharpie permanent marker, but it doesn’t write. Instead, it’s an EDC cache that can carry matches, medication, a tiny survival kit, and more. Available in versions made of Aluminum, Brass, Copper, and Titanium, the Vital Carry Permanent Cache is a stealthy way to hold your tiny EDC gear items. Grab one now for $15 – $25 from and if you’d rather buy a crazy expensive Titanium Sharpie marker case, they have that too!

vital carry sharpie cache 2

14 thoughts on “This Sharpie marker is really your new favorite EDC cache!”

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    1. Lol so make it yourself.

      There are plenty of us that understand that time is way more valuable used on things we want to use it on.

      I rather pay then let’s say go grab some extra tools figure out how to do it myself which takes time and experience.

      Stop bitching and appreciate the person’s work.

      You must believe in participation awards also huh!?

      1. Nathaniel Lee Wilson

        Ok give me all your money and I will make you several for really cheap . I swear idiots like you just want to throw your money away. Give me your me money then if you want to throw it away.

    2. You can’t make this exact thing for five dollars. Unless you have a lathe, tooling, materials, and the skills to make it happen.
      Aluminium=$4.80 for 12″ stick of 6061. Smallest amount you can usually get
      An okay mini Lathe= ~$1000
      Tooling you would need= ~$150
      Time= whatever you’re worth to yourself…
      If you have all of that on hand then get after it

      1. Nathaniel Lee Wilson

        Oh my word… No! Go to a hardware store like lowes or home Depot. Then find a piece of tubing. You can cut the tubing in the store with a pipe cutter for free! Free! The aluminum tube is all you need. If you can’t cut the marker with a knife then you’re borderline retarded and you clearly don’t need to own any kind of sharp objects period.

      2. You absolutely don’t need a lathe just a $10 rotary tool from harbor freight or any other comparable store and an old dried out sharpie. You could do this with practically any marker that has a cap with no holes.
        I wonder how profitable the gadgeteer website is for the people who run it. Some blogs make big money just through the Amazon associate program and the gadgeteer gets way more more web traffic than others I’ve look at. Practically no overhead other than web hosting. Most of the reviews are just a recording of the product descriptions and many times it seems clear the person doing the ‘review’ has never personally used or even touched the product. If they are profitable this is a heck of a hustle.

        1. Stg, this was not a review. It was a news post. Reviews are VERY detailed and have the word REVIEW as the first word in the article along with the word REVIEW in the title. Otherwise, these very short posts like this one for the Sharpie cache or just simple news posts letting people know that this product exists.

        2. I’m going to chip in here, Stg, and say that you could not possibly be more wrong when you say that we have not used or touched the products in our reviews. When we review a gadget, we bring it into our house and personally use it for 3 to 4 weeks. Sometimes we have others use it, too. We read the manual, we assemble it, we poke, we prod, and sometimes we even try to break it. Reviews on The Gadgeteer are not hustle; they’re hard work. And often times we continue to use the products long after the review is done. As I look around here in my office, I see 14 gadgets that I have reviewed that I continue to use on a regular basis. Maybe you’re not a fan of the Sharpie cache, which is fine, but don’t confuse this News article with the real work of Reviews that happen on The Gadgeteer.

  2. Complaining about someone else’s complaint… What a strange mindset. (Not to mention the derogatory language when “complaining” suffices)
    I think your comment violates the crazy person rule because you’re rambling about time and value and tools and experience… but the biggest evidence that you’ve lost it is your comment about participation trophies while at the same time saying someone putting a metal tube in a pen and charging $15 – $25+ is owed appreciation.
    Are you in some way related to the maker of this product? You sound like someone who is offended that putting a tube in a marker didn’t result in praise. If so, do better; we don’t hand out participation trophies here, Liam.

    1. It would be cool to have the option to keep the tip, so it still looks like a marker with the cap removed. And it is overpriced. I wonder if there’s any branding arrangement involved, or they’ve gotta buy the marker retail and that’s why it’s so expensive.
      Aside from that, it’s a neat idea and I’ve been noticing this concept pop up lately, specifically in knife handles. Seems everyone wants a place to hide their strike anywhere matches.

  3. Nathaniel Lee Wilson

    Whomever said you needed special expensive tools that make this is an extra diot of a special breed. You can get a piece of aluminum tube from any hardware store. You can cut it to size with a hacksaw or a file or get another person to cut it for you. Other men like making weird things so just go ask a man down your street with tools and you can get it done and made for free.

    1. Seriously. There’s a guy that makes sharpies w a stabby stab point. Still looks like a sharpie. It’s pretty dope. This thing is kinda pathetic. He could have atleast used the stainless steel sharpie. Need a lathe for that haha. Maybe I’ll try selling Liam one of my custom made “EDC” spit ball barrels out of a bic pen. I’ll even include some strike anywhere matches to put in it when your not shooting saliva drenched pcs of paper at people.

  4. The guys that are saying go to the hardware store and buy some tubing and shove it in the sharpie really don’t know what you’re talking about. He has maximized the space inside of the sharpie with a thin aluminum tube that you cannot buy at a hardware store. The wall thickness of the tubing in these manufactured sharpies are a lot thinner. The problem is who he is marketing it to, it shouldn’t be to all you EDC nut jobs. This little sharpie would be awesome for your weed stash.

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