Keep your multi-tools in tiptop shape with Leatherman’s maintenance kit

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NEWS – A quality multi-tool is an important item in anyone’s EDC gear collection and when it comes to multi-tools, one of the best brands out there is Leatherman. To keep Leatherman and other multi-tools ready for action, you need to maintain them regularly by cleaning them, sharpening blades, and lubricating joints. Leatherman’s new Maintenance kit includes everything you will need for these tasks in a handy zippered case. The kit includes a Blade Sharpener, cleaning supplies, a cleaning mat, a microfiber cloth, and lubrication oil. The kit is $69.95 directly from Leatherman and if you don’t have a multi-tool yet, head over to Amazon where you can find great deals on Leatherman tools.

The full kit contents of the Leatherman Maintenance Kit includes…


Carbide Sharpener
Ceramic Hone
Diamond-coated Sharpening Rod


Cleaning Mat
Blade Sharpener
Cleaning Pick
Cleaning Swabs
Cleaning Brush
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Lubrication Oil

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8 thoughts on “Keep your multi-tools in tiptop shape with Leatherman’s maintenance kit”

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  2. Never use a pull through sharpener, they wreck knives. This kit is a money grab, the few things in it that might be useful, such as the oil and the brush, can be purchased for much less than the kit costs.

  3. If it doesn’t contain 2 x security torx drivers then its just a cheap field sharpener and a cleaning kit. A maintenance kit would at least give you the ability to adjust the tool for wear, if not strip for, you know, err maintenance?

  4. I had basically already made myself a version of this kit and had to laugh when I saw it.

    My kit: wiha torx set and stubby driver, alcohol wipes, a microfiber cloth, q-tips, flat plastic cleaning stick, KPL regular and heavy oils, KPL Blade Shield, Victorinox Sharpener, knaffs portable leather strop, silicone parts tray, and a Gaffers Bag.

    I’m no sharpening guru… but the pull through carbide sharpeners are horrible as they take steel off your blade every time you sharpen even when not necessarily needed. I worked for goodwill for a few years and got donations of kitchen knives that were literally a 3rd of the original width from all the steel removed from aggressive home sharpening.

    Pull through ceramic rods aren’t as bad… but…unless you have actually dulled the blade from hours of cutting cardboard or other abrasive material… often all you really need is to strop your blade to bring is back to sharpness as the micro edge as just rolled over and stropping will bring it back into proper alignment.

  5. I have used 2 sided stone for almost 70yr and molly oil both have done a great job and all the gimmick stuff is a waste of money.

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