Ganiza G200S True HEPA Air Purifier review – Does a dandy duty obliterating odors!

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Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 20
REVIEW – I previously reviewed Ganiza’s V20 vacuum here and was happy with its performance. Ganiza also makes a boatload of other nifty products, like their Six-Quart Air Fryer and, for your reading pleasure, the G200S True HEPA Air Filter! Ta-daaaa!

What is it?

The Ganiza G200S True HEPA Air Purifier is a multi-speed electric fan with timer capabilities that draws air through two filters to circulate, purify, and deodorize up to 1077 square feet.

Hardware Specs

  • Dimensions: 243 x 253 x 473mm (9.56 x 9.96 x 18.62 inches)
  • Weight: 4kg (141.09 oz or 8lbs 13oz)
  • Power: 120V, 60Hz, 45-Watts (>1-Watt standby)
  • High CADR (350 m³/h / 206 CFM filtration) and larger HEPA filter (10.6*7.8*7.8 in)
  • 360° uniform speed airflow to create fresher air.
  • Cleans up to 1077ft² in 30 minutes, 431ft² in 12 mins.
  • Replacement filter part number “B0B63G5RBG”.
  • Quiet sleep mode at 23dB and all lights off.
  • Real-time Air Quality Monitor constantly adjusts the fan speed based
  • Real-time air quality display
  • True HEPA filter removes 99.97% of PM2.5, VOC, smoke, cooking odors, dust, and particles as small as 0.3 µm in size.
  • 100% Ozone free
  • Energy Star compliant
  • Compliant with CARB, PROP 65 in California
  • 24/7 lifetime support

What’s in the box?

  • Ganiza G200S True HEPA Air Purifier
  • HEPA filter
  • User manual
  • Quick-start guide

Design and features

The Ganiza G200S True HEPA Air Purifier arrived well packaged with recyclable materials.

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 01

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 02

Assembly takes mere moments: Remove the purifier from the bag…

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 10

Pop off the bottom cover with a turn. The cover locks in place during use.

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 14

Remove the HEPA filter from its bag, reinstall, and lock the cover. Ganiza recommends cleaning the prefilter a few times a month and replacing the HEPA filter every three to six months.

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 04

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 05

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 15

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 16

Ambient air is pulled through the side perforations.

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 06

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 12

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 13

The bottom cover locks in place.

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 17

Filtered air returns to the room through the openings on top.

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 11


The Ganiza G200S True HEPA Air Purifier plugs into a standard wall socket. The cord enters the back of the G200S

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 07

Buttons atop the purifier from left to right are the child safety lock, timer, power, fan speed, and auto mode.

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 09

Above the buttons are indicators for child lock, timer setting (one, two, four, or eight hours), filter replacement, sleep mode, fan speed, and auto mode. I found the automatic mode effective for most situations.

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 19


Just below the buttons on the front of the purifier is a display that indicates the current level of filtration particulates that are being detected by the Ganiza G200S True HEPA Air Purifier’s internal sensor. Higher numbers indicate greater amounts of particles floating around in the room and being drawn into the purifier.

If using the G200S in a bedroom, “Sleep mode” turns all of the lights off and operates the fan at very low levels. In this mode, the fan is so quiet I was barely able to hear it running. Don’t be fooled. It’s still running but looks like it’s off. I liked this feature because I’m a very light sleeper and find that additional room lighting affects my slumber.

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 21

In addition to the display, the G200S sports a multicolor display for indicating air quality – green for good, orange for medium, and red for bad.

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 08

I tried the Ganiza G200S True HEPA Air Purifier for several days and watched the air quality indicator. In my home, I generally saw numbers under ten. Ok, my living room wasn’t much of a challenge so…

One of the most brutal tests I could think of was to put the G200S near my cat’s litterbox for 24 hours and see what happened. I wasn’t expecting miracles, but the results were excellent. The air quality display went as high as 24, dropping back to between six and eight after a while and there was a distinct decrease in “litterbox ambiance.” This is one of those products that I didn’t think I needed until I put it into operation.

What I like

  • Quiet operation.
  • Effective at reducing odors

What I would change

  • Implement washable HEPA filters (is that even a thing?)

Final thoughts

Ganiza G200S HEPA air purifier 18

To be honest, Ganiza sent me this product for evaluation by mistake. I wasn’t particularly interested in reviewing the G200S True HEPA Air Purifier, but I’m glad I did. The performance is terrific and it did dandy duty obliterating odors from what I consider the most challenging environment in my home – the kitty litterbox area. Well done, Ganiza!

Price:  Lanterns – $127.49
Where to buy:  Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was supplied by Ganiza.

18 thoughts on “Ganiza G200S True HEPA Air Purifier review – Does a dandy duty obliterating odors!”

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  2. I have copd on oxygen, many odors cause breathing issues after a two week stay in hospital I came home knowing that odors create havoc on me , my son purchased air purifier for me , within a few hours odors removed & guilty of air was unbelievable !! , guests who came to visit commented on how cleN my home smelt, I recommend this product to any home , & look to purchasing another one for the bedroom areas

    1. Before you buy another one make sure you can find a replacement filter. I have had no luck and the machine is worthless without a filter. If you find a filter that fits the 200S please let me know.

      1. The Ganiza g200/g200s is the identical unit as the WELOV P200, therefore the replacement filters are also the same.
        So, if you can’t find the Ganiza branded filter, simply search for the WELOV P200 replacement filter on Amazon.

  3. Where can you buy a replacement filter? The Ganiza sight says they are “out of stock”. Is there somewhere else they can be purchased?

    1. I ordered a 200S twice on Amazon and both times they sent a different model filter that did not fit. I too am searching for a filter. I contacted the company and they did not respond. Very frustrating.

  4. I have had the G200S for 4 months. It has effectively “locked up” with all lights flashing. I unplugged it overnight. Same results!! I’ll never buy another one ! I got 3 month on the original filter and 2 weeks on a replacement filter, and now I have a very expensive boat anchor. No help from Amazon !!

  5. I have found it impossible to find replacement filter for the Ganiza 200S. I’ve ordered twice from Amazon and both times they have sent a filter that does not fit, even though the box claims it fits the 200S. The filter in the box does not match the picture on the box. I have e mailed the company and have not received a response. If you know where I can get a replacement filter I would greatly appreciate it because I like the machine but it’s worthless without a proper filter.

  6. Flashing lights problem solved… if the filter cover isn’t closed and properly seated in lock position, all lights will flash.. tho the cover seems to be locked, you have to make sure it clicks into the lock mode .. it will then start

  7. I bought the Ganiza G200S and it DOES NOT WORK! The E1 code is on the panel and the explanation in the manual does not make sense. What do I need to do? Never got a response from the company. Does anyone have a solution to get past this code to get this to work??

  8. It is very frustrating that there is nothing in the instruction manual or online videos explicitly explaining what the flashing numbers on the front of the panel indicate, i.e., what levels indicate what degree of “bad air.” I also had a red filter icon flashing next to the numbers but not on top next to the on-off button but nowhere is that addressed. We need a more comprehensive instruction manual.

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