Ryobi announces new line of USB Lithium tools

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NEWS – Ryobi recently announced a new rechargeable battery that will power a line of handheld tools.  The battery is a 2 AH lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable with USB-C, much like the battery in my Cyansky K3 flashlight.  The primary benefit seems to be that a custom battery charger would not be required; any USB-C cable and outlet should work.  Ryobi has four tools planned for this new USB Lithium line, including a rotary tool, a power carver, and a cordless screwdriver.  Personally, I’m looking forward to the power cutter.  With all the boxes we are constantly getting from Kohl’s, Amazon, and Boxed, I’ll be happy to have a faster way to cut them into small pieces.  The USB Lithium line of tools will be available exclusively at Home Depot and on their website.  The battery is expected to cost $20 and the tools around $60; they should be available this spring.

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18 thoughts on “Ryobi announces new line of USB Lithium tools”

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  2. I’ve just started switching over to Ryobi for my hand tools due to their great prices and great tool selection. I’m definitely going to check these out!

        1. I have a worx cutter for boxes and love it … except it uses a tiny barrel plug charger and I constantly lose the charger.

          I would change brands just to get USB charging.

        1. I’m glad to hear that you find it useful! I think the primary differences are that the battery is swappable in this line of tools rather than fixed, and it can be charged with USB-C rather than a charger. As most everyone has multiple USB-C chargers around the house these days, this reduces the need to own and maintain a custom charger for each gadget. A small step forward, perhaps, but one I like. I hope a lot of gadgets will move this direction.

          1. Great points. I have been using full line of Ryobi 18V lithium since the start. They definitely are the front line innovators of lithium tools in the industry. But more so , they came out with innovative line on 4V battery and tools 10 years ago. They were discontinued after 4 years. GLAD TO SEE THEM BACK AGAIN with new features in the battery‼️‼️

    1. i use a different cordless scheme but this xmas picked up four large boxes of ryobi tools for the boys and their families

      the total was right at 300usd…free tools are wonderful!

      ryobi 18v batteries are much less expensive than the brand i use…even the everyday price

      if youtube is any indication every third poster uses ryobi, the other third uses ridgid and the rest must have to fight it out

      1. Those look decent, especially just for opening boxes. I know the Klever Kutter can go through the box itself fairly easily as well. Main thing for it is that you can really *pull* on the cut, without worrying about what else you’ll be hitting.

  3. Seems like a USB charging cable would be a bit delicate. Maybe this is just for small power tools. I like the heavy duty charging bases for the big batteries – just slam them in. No need to clean off any sawdust, etc.

    1. Yeah, you have a good point, John. I would view these USB Lithium tools as more of “lightweight tools for around the house” rather than “powerful tools for out in my shop.”

    2. On the other hand, they’re common. My Phone uses them to charge, as does my laptop, tablet, etc. So you can likely replace the cable cheaply.

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