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REVIEW – As I type this, it’s August here in southern Indiana where Gadgeteer HQ is located. That means that it’s hot and humid. It also means that my AC runs a LOT and sometimes the house just feels muggy inside. Besides running the AC 24/7 (which isn’t a good idea), is there another way to lower the humidity inside your home? That’s the job of a dehumidifier and today I want to show you the Colaze Dehumidifier. Let’s check it out.

What is it?

The Colaze Dehumidifier is a small table top sized appliance that draws moisture out of the air to help remove humidity in your home.

What’s in the box?

colaze dehumidifier 1

  • Colaze dehumidifier
  • AC adapter
  • Manual

Design and features

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If you are a regular visitor to The Gadgeteer (thanks!) and this dehumidifier looks familiar to you, then you wouldn’t be imagining things. That’s because it’s identical to the ORFELD dehumidifier that Julian reviewed last week. When I opened the box of the Colaze, my first thought was DARNIT because I knew that I would have to write a review of something we’ve already reviewed. But upon closer inspection, I found that they look very similar but aren’t indentical. One main difference between the Colaze and the ORFELD and that’s the fact that this one doesn’t come with the little wireless dehumidifier that came with the ORFELD.

With that out of the way, let’s go ahead and talk about the Colaze dehumidifier. First of all, it stands 10.5 inches tall and is 5.7 inches wide. It has a white plastic casing with a vent on the top and three control buttons that let you toggle the fan speed, power, and the LED lighting effects.

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On the right side is the power port which I find to be an odd location. I would have much rather have seen the power port on the back of the unit just to keep the cord from showing while it’s on a table or the floor.

colaze dehumidifier 6

The back of the unit has a water tank and a removable dust cover over the air inlet vent.

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The cover snaps off if you need to clean the grill.

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The clear plastic water tank slides out from the bottom of the dehumidifier when it needs to be emptied.

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The lid just sits on top of the tank, so it’s simple to remove.


The water tank can hold between 47-50 ounces (1380-1500ml) of water. When the tank becomes full of water, the Colaze Dehumidifier will automatically turn off and the LED in the base will glow red to alert you that the tank needs to be emptied.

When the tank isn’t full, the unit’s built-in LED will cycle through 7 colors giving you a light show. If you don’t like the cycling, you can freeze it on a specific color or just turn off the light altogether.

How do you use it?

Basically, all you do is plug it in and let it run. A fan inside will draw air into the unit and the humidity from the air will turn into water vapor that will drain into the dehumidifier’s water tank.

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For my first test, I tested the Colaze Dehumidifier on the main level of my 1800 sqft house on a day that was super humid as demonstrated by the fogged over windows.

I ran it for 24hrs on the main level and it only drew out about a half-inch or so of water in the bottom of the tank which didn’t seem like very much until I poured it out into a measuring cup where it measured out to be about 10 ounces.

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I moved the Colaze to my basement where I have a digital thermometer hygrometer mounted on my wall. After running the Colaze continuously for 24hrs, it had 10 ounces of water in the bottom of the water tank and the humidity level on the digital meter had only dropped by 1%.

I’ve never tried a full-sized dehumidifier in this house so I don’t know if the Colaze is working great or not. But it did pull out about 10 ounces of water per 24 hours from of the air so…

See it in action

What I like

  • Easy to use
  • No apps or wifi required!
  • Visual alert when the water tank needs to be emptied

What I’d change

  • I wish it was a little quieter on high speed
  • It would be nice to be able to completely turn off the lighting effects

Final thoughts

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The Colaze dehumidifier is designed to pull humidity from the air. This is a small unit that is perfect for small spaces that are 480 sqft or less. From my limited testing, I found that the Colaze dehumidifier works as described.

Price: $79.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Colaze.

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