OneClock wakes you up with sonic science instead of harsh alarms

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – Getting up in the morning to face a new day is tough enough, but when you’re jarred awake with a harsh noise, it can set you up to be grumpy from the minute you get out of bed. Sure, you can use pick a softer tone for your alarm on your phone, but a lot of sleep professionals recommend not taking your phone with you into your bedroom. An interesting alternative to a regular alarm clock or clock radion is the OneClock which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

What is it?

OneClock is the anti-alarm clock for your bedroom. It uses soothing tunes composed by Grammy-winning artists to wake you up gently instead of blasting you awake with a horrible beeping alarm like many traditional bedside alarm clocks.

Why do I like it?

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I like OneClock because it has a great looking analog design that pairs a modern metal shell with an oil rubbed wood front and back panels along with an analog clock face.

Another reason to like the OneClock is that it not a “smart” device in that it’s not connected to the internet via WiFi, or your phone via Bluetooth or an app. It’s completely unconnected except to power.

The music used to wake up is designed to do so to mimic your nature waking activity with gradual volume levels. But it gets better than that…

Humans can suffer from alarm fatigue and become desensitized to sounds they hear over and over. When OneClock’s alarm is activated, our AI music generator will randomly choose one of the songs stored on the clock’s solid state memory and remix it by adjusting the levels of each instrument or vocal for infinite combinations. Its subtle, but noticeable and you will never hear OneClock’s songs the same way twice. Ever.

Note that the OneClock doesn’t have a snooze button, but music will play for a maximum of 20 minutes so it does give you time to wake up before it goes off.

They sent me one of the early production units and I was impressed by the build quality and ease of use with this clock. I was actually sorry to ship it back to them.

Where can I find more info?

The OneClock campaign ends on 3/4/21 and they have already buzzed past their funding goal of $20,000. You can pre-order a OneClock starting at $227. After the OneClock campaign ends, rewards are estimated to start shipping in May 2021. Visit their Kickstarter page for all the details.

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  2. Nice! Beeping alarms make my heart race in the morning. Probably not good for my blood pressure. I normally use the clock radio function. This looks like the next step up.

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