Roborock robot vacuums up to 19% off till Sunday

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roborock s4 deal

NEWS – Roborock is one of the premier brands to check out when you’re in the market for a new robot vacuum. We should know, we’ve reviewed at least a half dozen of them over the years! Since we like them, I think you will too, so head over to Amazon where you can save $50-$75 off on the S4 or the E2 models.

Roborock S4

Roborock S4 combines Roborock’s advanced mapping and navigation with a revamped drivetrain that provides the power to free itself from obstacles, making it a great choice for cleaning homes with complex environments.

Promotion: $319.99 ($75 off original listing price)
Promotion valid: Monday, February 10 to Sunday, February 16
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Buy it: Amazon

Roborock E2

Powered by a dual-gyroscope inertial navigation system and high-precision optical motion tracking sensors, the Roborock E2 plans its cleaning path in real-time. Its 1800Pa powerful suction is complemented with a plant-inspired wet mopping system that enables simultaneous sweeping and mopping for instant cleaning.

Promotion: $249.99 ($50 off original listing price) Note: the deal is valid for the Dark Grey version only
Promotion valid: Monday, February 10 to Sunday, February 16
Buy it: Amazon

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