This weird looking halo is supposed to cure your dog’s anxiety when you’re not there

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NEWS – Years ago, I had a Corgi that would freak out when we confined her to a specific area in the house when we weren’t home. Separation anxiety is a real problem when it comes to our pets and the Calmer Canine is a device that has been created to help with that issue.

Although it looks weird as heck, the drug-free Calmer Canine device is a wearable device for dogs.

Calmer Canine has enhanced a technology that’s been used since the 1970s to treat medical conditions (including anxiety and mood disorders) in humans and tailored it for use with dogs. With just two 15-minute treatments a day and using a specifically-tuned microcurrent signal, the Calmer Canine device stimulates the dog’s natural ability to restore emotional balance and calm.

If I’d had access to the Calmer Canine device when I had my dog, I would have liked to have tried it to see if it could have helped cure her separation anxiety, but with a price tag from $229-$249, I would have definitely wanted a money-back guarantee – which they don’t offer. Interested in learning more? Head over to for more info.

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  2. Thank you for the great article! As one of the veterinarians who helped develop Calmer Canine, I appreciate you sharing the news about our product and helping spread the word. Like with many medical conditions, nothing truly “cures” separation anxiety, but it can be treated very effectively. Calmer Canine helps provide long-term benefits to dogs, while avoiding the ongoing costs and unwanted side effects of medication. We’re proud that Calmer Canine can help the millions of dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and welcome any questions you or your readers may have. Thanks, again. – Dr. Judy Korman, VMD

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