Godbolé Classic and Slim Bifold Wallets review

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REVIEW – Suppose you’re looking to buy a wallet for that special guy in your life, maybe for Christmas, graduation, or a birthday.  Sure, you could go to Target or JC Penneys and pick up any old wallet they have, but what if you want to get something special, a wallet that is above and beyond ordinary?  If that’s what you’re looking for, you should check out the handmade leather wallets from Godbolé.

What is it?

The Classic and the Slim Bifold No. 1 are genuine leather wallets that are handcrafted by Godbolé, a small family business located near Mumbai, India.

What’s in the box?

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Each wallet comes in a cloth bag and includes a card with instructions for caring for the wallet and details about its warranty.

Design and features

The wallets are made from thick, full grain leather, which comes from a part of the hide that is very tight and thus results in leather that is strong, durable, and moisture resistant.  The leather has been vegetable-tanned, which means the tanning process uses organic material from tree bark and leaves.  The result is beautiful-looking leather with unique shades and tones.  Godbolé purchases the leather from tanneries in Italy, the United States, and India, cuts them by hand, and then hand stitches them together using waxed polyester thread to create their wallets.  The result is a unique, handcrafted work of art that is also very functional.

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Compared to my old wallet, the leather wallets are definitely fatter, even when empty.  It’s rather obvious that this leather is a thicker material than the fake leather and nylon of my old wallet.  Even so, it’s not so thick as to be annoying when in my pocket.

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Unlike most of the items reviewed on this site, these wallets have no digital components or Internet connectivity; they have a rather simple-looking design, devoid of patterns, styles, or fancy stitch work.  Despite all this, they possess an elegant beauty that comes from good leather and quality craftsmanship.

The Classic Wallet

The Classic is a very traditional-looking wallet.  It has six downward-facing pockets, each of which can hold one or two cards.  It also has two interior pockets for storing less-used cards and of course a long pocket behind the others for cash.

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The Slim Bifold No. 1 Wallet

The Slim Bifold No. 1 is similar to the Classic, but it has side-facing pockets and lacks interior pockets.  The long pocket for cash is much the same.

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The result is a wallet that is a bit thinner and shaped more square than rectangle.

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I tossed my old wallet and have been using the Godbolé wallets as my every day wallets.  At first, they were rather stiff, which is not surprising for new leather, and the cards were difficult to pull out and put back.  Over time, however, the leather has loosened up a bit and is very usable.  The wallet has conformed its shape to the cards in it as they’ve been in my pocket, but there’s no sign of wear or fraying of the threads.

For this review, I chose the chestnut brown color, a very traditional look.  I think it’s a beautiful color that looks good with all but the most formal of attire.  If you’re looking for something a bit different, Godbolé’s wallets come in other colors, including chocolate, black, navy, forest green, and olive green.  Godbolé can also monogram their wallets for extra customization.  In addition to wallets, they also make business card holders and passport holders.

What I like

  • Full grain leather
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Beautiful design

What I’d change

  • Not a thing

Final thoughts

I really like these wallets.  They are elegant and sturdy, a pleasant mix of old-fashion workmanship and beautiful leather.  I think they are the perfect choice of a gift for the special man in your life.

Update 3/4/20

Godbolé’s classic wallet instantly became my favorite wallet ever, and it’s now my every day wallet. I never cease to admire the craftsmanship when I pull it out, whether I’m paying for dinner or buying something for our new house. I’ve used it for about 3 months, and there’s really no sign of wear and tear. I love this leather wallet and still recommend it as a gift for that special guy in your life.

Price:  $72.94 (classic), $56.11 (bifold)
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Source:  The samples for this review were provided by Godbolé.

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