Grip2U Slim iPhone 11 Pro case review

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REVIEW – We’ve all dropped our phones and while the handset manufacturers keep making improvements it’s the accessory and case companies that jump in to help solve all our problems. I’m sure all of you have seen lanyards and rings and other things you can stick to your phone to help you hold it better. Grip2U has just such a solution for the new iPhone 11 Pro and I thought I’d give it a try.

What is it?

The Grip2U case is a protective phone cover for the iPhone 11 Pro with an integrated elastic strap on the back to ‘prevent the drop’ as their URL puts it. They have cases for all iPhones 7 and newer as well as for Samsung Galaxy 9 and up.

What’s in the box?

  • iPhone 11 Pro SLIM

Hardware specs

Dimensions: The case adds 2.6mm to width, 1.5mm to length and about 2.5mm to the thickness of the iPhone Pro 11. The strap on the back adds a bit more than that, but not to the bulk.
Weight: 28 grams

Design and features

The standout feature on the Grip2U SLIM case is definitely the elastic band on the back.

The case’s camera hole is scaled up slightly to allow the camera lenses to poke through with a minimal gap around the edges to address any tolerance issues.

The case sits flush with the screen along the sides and is slightly proud at the top.

The bottom edge protects the corners while staying fully clear of the speakers and lightning connector.

The case has an opening for the mute switch and 3-sided relief around the volume and power buttons allowing the case to activate the buttons by deflection. Two cutouts about 3.25″ apart anchor the watchband style pins anchoring the band.

Lastly, there’s a number of color options available.


To install the case on the iPhone 11 Pro, insert the left edge of the phone into the left side of the case so that the volume buttons and mute switch find their proper locations. Start to push the right side of the phone into the case and then depress the power button to help it pop past the case edge. You’ll then need to tell Siri that you didn’t mean to invoke her. Similarly, if you go to remove the case. Make sure to depress the power button as you’re leveraging the case off.


I’ll get right to the point here. I’ve tried a few different cases and accessories that aim to prevent accidental drops or hand fatigue as it may be, and they’ve all been disappointing. Grip2U’s silicone band has surprised me. I think it’s a combination of things but two really make the difference.

The first is that it lays flat when you’re not using it. The four anchor points protrude slightly above everything else, but they’re level which means your phone sits flat when laid on it’s back. Most normal cases don’t do that because of camera bezel protection.

The second and more important is the band just works. It’s got good elasticity and there’s enough width to get two fingers in there comfortably.

It is a two handed operation where you stretch it open with one hand and then slide your other hand into place, but once done your thumb is free to dance around the screen without needing also play holding duty.

And now your pinky doesn’t need to try to support the bottom edge of your phone either!

The case itself is minimalistic without any other bells and whistles. The buttons press well but are slightly hard to find without looking as there’s no raised bump, just the relief which is tricky to feel.

I do wish for a couple of improvements on the case edge around the screen. I wish it curved in and hugged the phone more as it seems to not fit as well as it should with a small gap visible all the way around. The bottom corners could also stand to be a little more proud so that if the phone was laid glass down it wouldn’t touch.

What else? The Grip2U Slim case does not affect wireless charging so you’re good to go there.

What I like

  • The strap!
  • The low profile and wireless charging compatibility
  • The price. Great to see a case that isn’t $39+

What I’d change

  • Better fit around the screen edge
  • More of a raised lip at the top edge and bottom corners

Final thoughts

The Grip2U Slim case would be very easy to dismiss. The strap does not get in the way at all when you’re not using it, nor does it affect wireless charging. It’s become my favorite for walking the dogs and playing PokemonGo. Yep, just admitted it. Fun colors to choose from and even band interchangeability. If any of that sounds good, it’s worth a look.

Price: $24.99
Where to buy: Grip2U
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Grip2U

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