Airdog TeslaAir vehicle air purifier review

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REVIEW – Each year it seems like there are more pollutants everywhere, and my kids and I suffer even more from allergy attacks and asthma symptoms. Some time ago, I tested and reviewed an in-cabin vehicle air purifier and now I have a chance to test and review a pre-release model of the AirDog Tesla air purifier.

What is it?

The Airdog TeslaAir is a smart technology air filter/purifier for your vehicle, that is designed to remove pollen, pet dander, allergens, TVOCs, bacteria, and viruses. Its features include an automatic/manual switch that allows you to turn the smart technology on or off.

What’s in the box

1 x Airdog TeslaAir
1 x Vehicle DC Adapter

Design and features

On the front of the AirDog Tesla there are two LEDs on the left for speed and air quality status, an air vent in the middle and the on/off button on the right.

On the back, there is an air vent.

On the bottom of the device there are rubber feet to keep it from sliding, the power port in the middle of the front, and as shown below, the automatic/manual switch on the right.


The AirDog TeslaAir is a plug-and-play air purifier. Just plug it in and run the power wire to where you want to place the purifier and it is ready to go. If you have it set to automatic, once the vehicle ignition is turned on, it will turn on automatically and control its own speed and levels of filtration until it senses that the air is clean.

For this testing, I placed it in the center tray of my dashboard. There is no way to keep it securely in- place other than the rubber feet that help it not to slide too much. I do think that if I am driving and I have to slam on my brakes, that it does have the potential to become a hazardous flying projectile.

Note: The manufacturer states that with a DC to AC adapter, the filter can also be used in-home in small rooms.

The video below shows it in operation on my dashboard. While the noise level is negligible when the car engine is running and especially when the radio is on, you can hear that it is not always whisper-quiet as advertised.

The following video is from the manufacturer indicating how the TeslaAir is maintained by just wiping the internal fins every two months. There is no filter to replace.

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What I like

  • The lightweight and compact size
  • The long power cord
  • The no replacement filter needed design

What I’d change

  • Make it truly whisper-quiet as advertised
  • A mounting option that allows for truly secure placement

Final thoughts

Time will tell how effective this AirDog TeslaAir purifier is. Since car doors are constantly opened and closed, it will take some time before I can truly measure and ascertain the difference in my allergies and the same for my kids. In the meantime, I will keep using it despite the fact that I have to place it on and off my dashboard every time I drive. I do this for security reasons. If it does prove to be very good, then the cost is great. If not, I will certainly post an update.

Update 1: Today The air purifier came flying off of the dashboard and almost hit me in my face. It does not seem that it can sit safely anywhere other than the floor of the car.

Price: $129 (Earlybird price)
Where to buy: AirDog USA website and Indiegogo Indemand and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by AirDog.

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  2. I bought this this week but I do not think it works because it is not reducing the smell in my car even after running for more than 40 minutes.

    I am going to use it for another week and after that I am going to return.

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