This slingshot is on steroids!

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tekto slingshot

NEWS – We’ve reviewed Tekto Gear’s knives before, but check out this insane looking slingshot. The Tactical Slingshot X22 is a fully adjustable slingshot for left or right-handers. It’s made of aluminum and features a wrist support so that your zombie killing adventures are as comfy as possible. Want one? You’re going to have to shell out $159.99 for this bad boy. Head over to for all the details. And if $159.99 is more than you want to spend, check out a bazillion other cool looking slingshots on Amazon that are much less expensive.

9 thoughts on “This slingshot is on steroids!”

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      1. More like overt aggression.
        As a child growing up in Uganda, kids I knew would go from using car and bicycle inner tubes to using surgical tubes.
        A friend of mine killed a crow and was so traumatised he swore off catapults forever.
        They can be dangerous.
        The price though is atrocious thank goodness.

        1. Aiming for animals (or any living thing) with a slingshot should make someone feel traumatized if they aren’t using the slingshot for hunting purposes. I can see using it for target practice or for killing zombies (not a living thing).

  2. compound catapults…whodathunkit?
    as an old person who grew up in a diy universe. I admire the ingenuity put forward here.
    however the weak link (surgical tubing) is still present
    I have more than a few friends with extra divots in their heads after a tube let go at full draw

    with your connections to the tech world perhaps you could push for a more durable propulsion mediam

    1. medium not mediam…sorry

      wrist rockets, marbles and concrete walls on bright sunny days were spectacular…by the bye

        1. Wikipedia says that surgical tubing was the original rehab tool
          apparently there are a wide variety of color coded tubes available now
          what we found as kids was the tubing oxidized quickly and the abrasion at the knot caused catastrophic fails…however that was latex tubing most tubes now are latex-free

          we did make slingshots using the tubing
          we also replaced the tubes on the original whamo wrist rocket with heavier tubing when we could get it

          we also made arrow projectors from pipes and tubes to shoot real arrows…pretty impressive for what it was if not consistently accurate

          but to the injury part of the post…we would use the tubes way past their utility because it was so hard to get
          when a tube let go the projectile or tube and pouch or both would whip about and bleeding would ensue

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