WORX 40V Hydroshot Power Share portable power cleaner review

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REVIEW – Have you ever needed to wash your car or the outside of your house but don’t have access to an outdoor water spigot? The WORX 40V Hydroshot Power Share portable power cleaner can solve that problem by letting you take a sprayer and water right to where you need it. Let’s take a look.

What is it?

The 40V Hydroshot from WORX is a battery-powered portable power cleaner that draws water from a freshwater source or a bucket for easy transport to where you want to use it.

Hardware specs

WATER SETTINGS: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°

What’s in the box?

worx hydroshot 1

  • 40V Hydroshot Power Share portable power cleaner
  • 20V Lithium battery (2)
  • Dual battery charger
  • 20FT. draw hose
  • Lance
  • Multi-spray nozzle
  • Quick connect adapter

worx hydroshot 3

The Hydroshot looks like a weapon from a futuristic FPS game, but it’s really only violent against dirt and not against aliens.

worx hydroshot 6

The washer has a two-part activation mechanism on the grip. There’s a sliding power button that has to be engaged before the squeeze grip/trigger can be activated.

worx hydroshot 20

There is also a High/Low button farther down on the barrel of the washer.

worx hydroshot 4

There are two battery ports on the controller and that’s where the WORX system of battery-powered tools shines. You can use the same batteries with all your WORX tools, like the WORX GT Revolution Trimmer, Edger and Mini Mower that I reviewed last year.

worx hydroshot 2

The Hydroshot comes with 2 batteries that provide up to 45min – 1hr run time when both batteries are fully charged.

Each battery has a button on the end that shows the battery capacity when pressed.

worx hydroshot 5

The batteries snap easily into sockets below the grip on the controller and can be removed just as easily when you need to recharge them using the included dual charger which fully charges the batteries in about 2hrs. FYI, you have to use both batteries with this unit.

worx hydroshot 14

With the batteries installed, you can check the power level of the combined cells by pressing the Power Test button on the unit itself right below the Hydroshot’s handle grip.

worx hydroshot 9

To get started cleaning with the WORX Hydroshot, you have to charge the batteries first (duh!) and then connect lance and the 4-in-1 pressure nozzle.

worx hydroshot 12

The 4-­in-­1 pressure nozzle allows you to switch between 4 degrees of water stream intensity (0, 15, 25, 40) with 0 being the most pressure.

worx hydroshot 10

The nozzle snaps into the end of the lance and the arrow at the end lines up with the water width that you want to use.

worx hydroshot 11

Just rotate the nozzle to switch settings.

worx hydroshot 8

Included with the Hydroshot is a 20-foot hose. One end connects to the Hydroshot controller and the other end goes into a bucket of water, a lake, etc.

worx hydroshot 7

Also included is an extra quick connect adapter that you can use to connect a standard garden hose if you want to use water from an outdoor spigot with the Hydroshot.

worx hydroshot 13

Other optional accessories include a soap bottle, brushes, and squeegees. WORX didn’t include any of these accessories to try with the Hydroshot that they sent to me, so I did all my testing of this product just using the included pressure nozzle and 20 foot hose.

worx hydroshot 16

With a bucket full of water, you just attach the feeder hose to the side of the bucket using the included plastic clip.

For my first test of the Hydroshot, I planned to clean the stone patio on the back of my house which had leaves and pine needles on it. I tried the various settings on the nozzle, but the Hydroshot didn’t have enough power to whisk away the heavy clumps of accumulated debris. I was a little disappointed at first, but then I went back and actually read the specs for the device and came to realize that the Hydroshot should NOT be considered the same as a power /pressure washer as it only has a max PSI of 450. By contrast, an electric or gas-powered pressure washer can have a max PSI of 1000 – 2800 respectively.

So what can you use the Hydroshot for?

worx hydroshot 21

It works great for lighter duty jobs like cleaning your vehicle’s floor mats, washing your car, washing the exterior of your house, cleaning your deck or patio from dry leaves and dirt.

I tested the Hydroshot on my MINI Cooper’s floor mats. Above is the before shot.

worx hydroshot 22

And here is the after shot. To give you an idea of what it looks like to use the Hydroshot, check out the video below.

See it in action

What I like

  • Runs on batteries that work with other WORX products
  • Long battery life
  • Hose draws water from a bucket for easy transport to where you want to clean
  • Nice light-duty power cleaner

What I’d change

  • Cut down on the weight
  • Include a soap bottle

Final thoughts

As long as you don’t expect the WORX 40V Hydroshot Power Share portable power cleaner to be as powerful as an electric or gas pressure washer, this little portable cleaner is really handy for cleaning jobs around the house where you might not otherwise have a water source. The ability to use water from a bucket or even a lake to clean items makes it very convenient and the fact that it runs off of batteries that can be used with other WORX products makes it a great tool for almost anyone.

Price: $229.99
Where to buy: Worx and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by WORX.

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