Stealtho office chair wheels review

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REVIEW – Tired of your old, creaky office chair wheels rolling across that cracked plastic mat? Stealtho office chair caster wheels may be just the thing to rejuvenate your trusty office chair.

What is it?

Stealtho wheels resemble inline skate wheels, made of an elastic polyurethane, for a smooth, scratch-free glide across your hardwood floors.

What’s in the box?

Pretty straightforward: I found exactly five replacement wheel assemblies.

Hardware specs

From the product description:

  • STEALTHO embedded support skirt, no wobble even with worn-out base housing holes.
    Wheel has two additional thrust ball bearings in the cage that prevents them from falling out.
  • STEALTHO combined the elastic polyurethane with luminophore on the base of strontium aluminate which can radiate light at a level 20 percent. It increases the wheels wear, as well as makes the wheel glow in the dark and roll over cables. This combination of durability and “no stumble” function gave STEALTHO the basis for its PATENT (currently pending).
  • The body of the wheel is made of heavy-duty tool steel and its shape is achieved by 3-times pressing at a temperature of 3000 ºC, that’s why the set of wheels can withstand up to 660 pounds.
  • STEALTHO wheels fit standard office chairs from Herman Miller Aeron, Mirra 2, Steelcase, Dxracer, Humanscale Freedom, Lazyboy Serta, Hon Nucleus, Boss, Staples, Office depot which have the universal grip ring stem 11 mm x 22 mm (7/16″x7/8″), (don’t fit IKEA).

It’s important to note the last part. The casters will fit chairs that accept a 7/16″ diameter stem. Apparently IKEA, chairs are different.


Simply pull out your old casters and insert the Stealtho ones. Here’s my dirty office chair, resting atop a floor mat.

Notice how the Stealtho assembly is slightly taller than my original ones. You may have to readjust your seat height.

Wheels installed! Piece of cake. No more floor mat.


The first thing I noticed was how grippy these wheels are versus my original hard plastic ones. They glided smoothly but sometimes changing directions meant a brief moment of “sticky” grip, similar to wearing new sneakers on a smooth basketball court. However, after a week of use, I noticed the wheels were getting a little dirty and the grippy “squeak” sensation has gone down a bit.

The wheels are advertised as glow-in-the-dark, and it’s true. However, my desk area isn’t very bright so the wheels never got enough ambient light to be visible in the dark. I took a flashlight and “charged up” one wheel to see the effect. You can’t see the wheels in the background, but they’re there… not glowing!

What I like

  • Easy to install
  • Rolls smoothly without the need for a floor mat

What I’d change

  • The glow feature isn’t very powerful
  • I wish the wheels weren’t quite so grippy

Final thoughts

Despite the grippy squeak of the Stealtho office chair wheels, I kind of like not having a plastic floor mat that keeps shifting around my floor. That’s a tradeoff I can live with.

Price: $39.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Stealtho.

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  2. I work from home, and am one of those guys that sit staring at the screen for a couple of hours non-stop. I guess I need to take a break or two.LOL

    Anyway, sitting these hours is really not doing me any good, especially on my posture.My wife keeps on telling me that I slouch too much. And I am a tall guy, and realize that she is right, I noticed that I do in fact have a slouched posture when I walk as well.

  3. Hi Andy, In our office we have a carpet installed on entire floor and i can totally understand what you are talking about. Sometimes the chair gets stuck on carpet or move freely where the surface is smooth.

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