Start your next campfire with a pull of string

NEWS – Campers, hikers, and other outdoor warriors know that it’s important to have the basic survival skills and gear when they are on their adventures. Water, food, shelter, and fire are probably the four main things you need. But if you’re not in the same category as someone who signs up for the show Naked and Afraid, what do you do about fire if it’s windy, or the wood is wet?

That’s where the Pull Start Fire Pull-String Fire Starter kit from Huckleberry will both save and FRY your bacon! Just pull out one of these bad boys, stick it in the center of your wood teepee, yank the string, and in 30 minutes you’ll have a blazing fire without needing matches or a lighter, even if you’re in 200+ MPH winds or a tropical storm.

The Pull Start Fire Pull-String Fire Starter kit comes in a pack of 3 starters and is priced at $18 from or Amazon.

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