Lynktec Bolt wireless car charger review

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REVIEW – As a self-proclaimed gadget nerd, I surround myself with every possible gadget and embrace every convenience that they offer. These days where the phone is an integral part of our lives, it is very apparent that driving while operating a phone is a very bad idea and against the law at least here in the USA. Phone mounts for cars have almost become a standard accessory in every car, with some offering more convenience than others.  The Lynktec Bolt wireless car charger is a new addition to an already very crowded field of car charger mounts. However, it offers features that I know that I would like. Here is my review.

What is it?

The Lynktec Bolt wireless car charger is a wireless phone charger that can be mounted to the vent louver, windshield or dashboard. It includes a built-in battery that provides operational power even when the car is turned off.

What’s in the box

1 x Bolt Car Mount
1 x Air Vent Holder
1 x USB-C to USB Cable
1 x Dual USB Car Charger (3.0/2.1A)
1 x Instruction Manual

Design and features

This mount has a bottom rest and two side arms that open and close electronically when the top touchpad is engaged. In the middle where the back of the phone rests is the Qi wireless charger, and above is the Infrared Lock Sensor that senses when a phone is placed into the mount and engages the securing arms to close.

The vent visor clip is connected to the back of the mount via the supplied nut and you press the button above the clip to open the clip and slide it onto the vent louver.

At the bottom of the mount, there is a USB-C power port.

The USB-C to USB cable plugs into the power port on the mount and the other end into the 12V car adapter.



  • Automatic lock & unlock with one touch release
  • Qi-certified fast wireless charger
  • Adjustable stand for 4″ to 6.7″ devices
  • Rotates from portrait to landscape mode
  • 250 mAh backup battery operates mount when disconnected from the power

Below you can see how the mount connects to the vent louver.

The picture below shows the mount connected to the vent with my iPhone 10XS Max in the mount.

In the upper right-hand corner of the phone screen, you can see the icon that is green indicating that the phone is being charged.

The car adapter power plug has the capacity to accommodate 2 USB cables, and either port will work for the wireless charging feature.

The picture below on the left shows the red wireless charging indicator which is on the bottom right side of the mount. The picture on the right shows the blue power indicator that is on the opposite side.

At the top of the mount, there is the touch control that opens and closes the securing arms by touch.

What I like

  • The Qi wireless charging capability
  • Can be used in both portrait and landscape mode
  • The build quality
  • The electronic arms that hold the phone
  • The touch operation

What can be improved

  • Based on the cost of this device, both the air vent mount and the dash/windshield mount should be included

Final thoughts

Not too long ag0, I reviewed a dash mounted phone holder that included arms that operated electronically but did not include Qi wireless charging. While it was a sturdy mount, I had to keep plugging in a separate cable into my iPhone for charging. I remember thinking how great it would be if wireless charging was included. This mount includes that great feature. Since the electronic arms on the mount that I previously reviewed mount began to fail after a few months, time will tell whether this device will do the same or stand up to the daily abuse. While I do think that for the price, the windshield/dash mount should be included, I will still give this Lynktec Bolt wireless car charger two thumbs up for now!!

Price: $49.99 (A telescopic Dash & Windshield suction are sold separately for $9.99)
Where to buy: Lynktec website and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Lynktec.

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