The Allsees Portable Power Station provide portable and convenient power on the go

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NEWS – Those of you that have been following my news stories know that I have been looking for a portable power/charging solution that will work for me during power outages or otherwise for my charging/power needs. This is especially necessary during the hurricane season and/or for my photography and videography gigs when I am at locations that do not offer any power sources.

I recently came across the Allsees Portable Power Station that seems to have the specifications that may just do the trick. This portable generator (I would say inverter), offers 300W maximum power and 64800mAh that can provide relatively adequate continuous power for a wide variety of equipment including lamps, phones, laptops, TVs, cameras, battery chargers, CPAP machines, etc. It includes dual 110V AC outlets, dual DC ports, and 4 USB ports. It measures just 7.8” x 3.15” x 7.8”, and weighs only 4.5lbs. It can also be recharged via solar panels.

If you would like to learn more about the Allsees Portable Power Station or you would like to purchase one, you head over to Amazon and grab one for $185.99.

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4 thoughts on “The Allsees Portable Power Station provide portable and convenient power on the go”

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  2. I just bought this product. I’ve been looking for the solar panel(s) that the product says it can use.
    Please advise me on where,what and how to obtain them.
    Greg P

    1. Hello Mr. Greg, I am looking into the unit itself with solar panel as well, have you had any luck? If so would you please advise me.
      Thank you,
      Wade L.

  3. Ronald Fernberg

    Hi, I have a Portable “ALLSEES” Portable DC/AC Power Bank, Model NO:HP300
    I somehow lost the manual a couple of years back! Where can I find one, if you would know? Thank you. Sincerely, Ronald Fernberg

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