Toffee Handmade Banjo Leather Zip Pouch review

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Toffee Banjo Leather Zip Pouch 002

REVIEW – I’m an absolute sucker for bags, pouches, satchels, cases … you name it. If it’s an object that holds smaller objects, I want to give it a try. So my eyes lit up when I got the chance to review Toffee’s Banjo Leather Zip Pouch.

What is it?

Toffee’s Banjo Leather Zip Pouch is a handy sized pouch handcrafted from smooth, thick, raw leather. It fits a passport, many sizes of mobile phones, several cards and cash.

Toffee Banjo Leather Zip Pouch 004
Oh, that rugged and thick raw leather.

Hardware specs

  • Handcrafted in Sydney, Australia
  • Made from smooth, thick raw leather from New Zealand
  • High quality, durable zips, and zip pulls
  • Size: 18cm x 9.5cm x 1.5cm
  • Fits: Passports, and most iPhone models, including the new iPhone X and iPhone 8. Will just barely accommodate iPhone 7/8 Plus.

What’s in the box?

  • one leather zip pouch (and a cute protective bag)
Toffee Banjo Leather Zip Pouch 001
I like that little tag and bag. Nice packaging.

Design and Features

The first thing that stands out with this large, zippered pouch is just how soft, supple and thick the leather material is. It has a nice texture to it, smooth but not shiny. It looks like it could really take a beating and look all the better for it.

The Banjo Pouch exudes quality. It’s got that warm feeling, holding it, that some extremely skilled leatherworker personally crafted this wallet just for you (because, well, they did.)

Inside the zippered pouch is a long pocket meant for your phone, and two card pockets on either side. I have an iPhone 7+ and found that this size phone juuuuust fits in that phone divider. An iPhone 8 or X something of similar size and thickness would fit just fine. I usually don’t carry my phone inside of a pouch or bag, simply because I like quick access to it to review tasks and messages, but the Banjo Pouch could act as a combination wallet/phone case.

Toffee Banjo Leather Zip Pouch 005
The pouch itself is just a bit larger than an iPhone 7+.

Instead, I used the center slot to hold receipts, coupons, cash and other paper items, and it worked very well for that purpose.

Toffee Banjo Leather Zip Pouch 003
Instead, I opted to use the center divider for paper items.

The overall size of the pouch proved to be a little too large for some pairs of pants. It fit okay inside the roomy pockets of my cargo shorts, and the soft leather formed comfortably against my leg. However, I imagine this pouch would work better in a backpack or bag or carrying it as a small clutch.

The only knock I could bring against this pouch is the price. You’re paying for fine materials and expert craftsmanship, and the durability of this pouch is high as well, so much so that one could hand it down for generations. Despite that, I’d guess that $100+ is too steep an asking price for most.

What I liked

  • Gorgeous, handcrafted raw leather
  • Fits most phones, a passport, cash and several cards
  • Will last a lifetime or more

What to consider before buying

  • It’s rather expensive

Final thoughts

The Banjo Zip Pouch is gorgeous, durable, and feels great in your hand if you can swing the cost.

Price: $109.95
Where to buy: You can purchase the Banjo Leather Zip Pouch in brown, black or tan.
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Toffee Cases.

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