You’ll never forget to charge your backup battery with the Avid WiBa wireless powerbank and charging station

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avido wiba charger and battery

The new WiBa 100% wireless power bank and charging station is coming soon from Avido.  You’ll get a wireless Qi charging station, of course, and you’ll also get a Qi-charging battery bank to carry with you.  You’ll simplify your charging setup, because the battery charges on top of the charging station; the phone goes on top to charge simultaneously.  The 5000mAh battery pack also comes with a power cord for charging itself and the phone while you are traveling.

The WiBa kit includes:

  • WiBa 5000mAh wireless power bank
  • WiBa charging dock
  • USB Type-C cable
  • QC 3.0 AC Adapter
  • Two slim metal plates (black and white) to attach to the back of your phone to keep it attached to the magnets in the battery pack

The WiBa wireless battery and charging station will be $99.95; sign up for email notification when the WiBa Qi charging system is ready for purchase at Avido.

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