Julie’s gadget diary – First it was iPhone to Android and now I’m switching from Verizon to T-Mobile

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If you’ve been following along at home, you know that I recently had a 3-month fling with an iPhone 7 Plus but just switched back to Android a few days ago. I’m currently using an original Pixel XL but ordered the new Pixel 2 XL last week after it was announced by Google. And now I’m switching again, this time it’s my wireless carrier and I’m switching from Verizon to T-Mobile.

I’m feeling of Deja Vu because seven years ago I switched from the iPhone to Android AND from AT&T to Verizon. My seven year run with Verizon has been pretty good until the last year or so when the signal coverage at my home has gotten worse. This hasn’t been a huge deal until recently when we disconnected our landline phones to solely rely on our cell phones. As long as we remain upstairs, making and receiving calls is fine, but if we receive calls while in the basement, we have issues with dropped calls.

I’m on a grandfathered plan with Verizon which is only 6GB of data shared between two lines. I know, how do I survive which such a small data bucket? I’ve just lived with it because the 2 lines are only costing me $88 a month and it really hasn’t been a problem until recently. For the last couple of years, I’ve been able to connect to the WiFi at my day job. But now they require that we load a special app that can track what’s on our phones and wipe them at their discretion. Ummmm… no, thank you.

Another reason for the switch is that I regularly have to turn down offers to review phones that aren’t compatible with my Verizon SIM because they are GSM phones.

And last but not least, T-Mobile has a deal right now you are a new or existing customer and bring a Pixel 2 to their network, they will give you a $325 gift card! That’s tough to turn down.

So last year I got a T-Mobile account to test the signal quality between my house in the woods and the “big” city of Columbus Indiana and found a 5-mile stretch where I’d consistently get the dreaded no signal message.

I tested again in May of this year with Mint SIM who use T-Mobile towers for their service and I experienced the same no signal area.

In anticipation of potentially switching to T-Mobile, I ordered a new Mint SIM to see if there had been any updates in their coverage in the last 5 months. I tested that this past weekend and unfortunately, the no signal hole still exists.

Long story short, even though there’s a small gap in signal coverage that I’ll drive through twice a day, I’m making the leap and switching. We’ll be paying about $20 more per month, but we’ll have “unlimited” data, Netflix, faster speeds, and better connectivity at my house. How do I know that? I’ve been using T-Mobile for my home internet for several months, so I already know that it’s going to work great there.

iPhone to Android. Verizon to T-Mobile. What’s next? Would you believe that I’m seriously considering switching from Mac to Windows now?!

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  2. That last sentence, “Would you believe that I’m seriously considering switching from Mac to Windows now?” caused me physical pain. I now have to go lie down for a bit.

      1. I am a Macbook owner/user, but have a windows laptop for work. I find that both are equally productive and, if forced, I could handle the switch back to the new Windows OS with relative ease. The Mac OS esthetics are still better and their hardware build quality is second to none, but don’t fool yourself about that, you definitely pay for the beauty of what they offer. Plus their service, all-in-all, is usually leaps and bounds above other manufacturers (and, again, you are paying for this upfront or via Apple Care). Cheers 🙂

        1. I completely agree. There’s no reason why I have to switch. I’m just looking to change things up with the gear I use at home for The Gadgeteer. Like you, I use a Windows laptop at work and a MacBook at home. Since 95% of what do on a computer uses Photoshop or a browser, either platform works just fine.

          But sometimes Windows is easier… like today when I needed to get a huge file off my Android phone and onto my computer. Doing that with a Mac is not as easy as just plugging the phone into my MacBook with a USB cable like you can do with Windows laptops…

  3. Also in a few months you should have better coverage inside as they roll out their 600 MHz network which will work in buildings better, part of the reason I opted to not get an iPhone 8/X and got a used 7 Plus instead.

    1. Tmobile indoor coverage at my house is already MUCH better than Verizon. We can now make and receive calls in our basement without running upstairs for fear that the calls will drop.

      What is the difference between the iPhone 7 Plus and the X with that regard?

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