Julie’s gadget diary – It’s official, I’m switching back to Android

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When I was watching Google’s live event yesterday and heard that the new Pixel 2’s would be going on sale that day, I immediately opened a new tab on my browser and went to check the Google Play store. Sure enough, they were available to order, so I did just that.

I ordered the Google Pixel 2 XL 128GB version in black. The black and white version looks very snazzy and I am a little bummed that I didn’t pick it so I’d have the red power button. But I was worried that the white would look dirty after use. I also know that I’ll end up covering it up with a thin case to add some grip to what I’m guessing will be a slippery phone.

A few days ago I posted that I was going to be switching from iOS to Android after a 3-month Android hiatus in iPhone land. I mentioned that my device choice was narrowed down between an LG V30 and the new yet unofficial Pixel 2 XL. I ultimately decided to go with the Pixel 2 XL even though it doesn’t have a microSD card or wireless charging. Why did I order it then? Because it has crazy fast charging, will have security and OS updates for the next 3 years and free full-resolution back up to Google Drive of images and video.

I planned to give my iPhone 7 Plus to Jeanne to replace her really old Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Switching to Android concerned me a little because I had planned for Jeanne and I to both be on an iOS phone when I bought an iPhone X. We’ve been on different Android phones with different versions of the OS for years, which always makes it tough to troubleshoot problems when she calls me on the phone at work to complain about something not working right. I thought being on the same version of the OS would greatly help my stress level during those calls 😉 But I wrecked that idea when I decided I’d go back to Android. However, Jeanne didn’t really care about that and was just looking forward to getting a new phone no matter what it was. But it still bugged me.

Lady luck was shining on me though because yesterday Dave Rees offered to trade me a new still in the box Pixel XL (last year’s model) for my iPhone 7 Plus which he plans to give his son. I jumped on that offer because Jeanne and I could both be on the same OS like I wanted. At least through next year’s Android P update which is the last update the first Pixel phones will receive.

I also sold my iPad Pro 10.5 with Pencil yesterday to a friend at work because I have barely used it since buying it 3 months ago. So all in all, I feel like I got 2 brand new phones for only about $300. Yay!

Now I just have to wait 2 weeks until the Pixel XL 2 arrives. Waiting.is.so.hard. 😉

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  2. Me too.
    I even picked the same phone–XL, black, 128GB. I loved my Pixel XL (also black with 128 GB) except for the strange proportions. The top and bottom bezels are proportioned like an iPhone, but without the button, they are way too big.

    The Pixel 2 XL looks much nicer and the software feature set is amazing.

  3. Same for me.

    I ordered during the presentation, within a couple of minutes when it went live, so I bet that’s the earliest delivery date.

  4. I was pinning my hopes on the new Pixels but I’m going to give this round a pass. Qi charging is a big deal to me and the screen is only .04 of an inch bigger than my current Nexus 6. Also, that fancy free full size image storing; it’s only good for three years:


    I’m going to stick with my Nexus or go with one of the Samsung flagships. This is the third generation of disappointments from Google.

    1. Being able to get up to 7hrs of battery life with a 15 minute charge makes not having Qi almost a non-issue now. I’ve not had Qi charging since I was using the LG G3, so it’s been awhile and although I miss it, my phone has never died on me due to lack of juice.

      As for the photo storage, I have to hope that there will be a new deal in 3 years and as far as I read, you won’t lose pictures you have stored up until that point, just the new ones will no longer be full size.

      1. Yeah, maybe it’s just south grapes but if I upgrade this year it’ll probably be to the LG V30+ that Sprint will have shortly.

        It crosses off everything on my wishlist and the two for one deal would be great (if it wasn’t a lease).

        Dropping subsidies really irked me. I prefer to buy and keep my phones a little longer than average. I know it’s not terribly likely but I hope growth will stagnate and subsidies will come back like unlimited data plans did.

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