The Cuttlelola Dotspen lets you stipple without wrist strain

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cuttlelola 1

I bet you clicked through just to find out what stippling is didn’t you? If you’re not an artist, you probably haven’t heard of the term. Stippling is an art technique that is achieved by drawing dots. LOTS of dots. Thousands of dots. Maybe millions of dots. You get the idea. Using an ordinary pen or pencil to draw dots is the traditional way to stipple, but this is the 21st century, we have gadgets that can do the hard work for us now. Check out the Cuttlelola Dotspen.

The Cuttlelola Dotspen looks like a regular ballpoint pen, but inside is a USB rechargeable battery and a motor that moves the pen tip up and down to create dots. Isn’t technology just the best?

cuttlelola 2

The Dotspen comes with 5 black ink cartridges, but more can be purchased online when you run out after drawing Jack Sparrow like you see below.

cuttlelola 3

The effect that is made by drawing with the Cuttlelola Dotspen is very unique. It reminds me of artwork in comics from the 50’s and 60’s.

You can read more about the Cuttlelola Dotspen at and you can order one for $62.98 from Amazon.

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