Pocket Hose Top Brass Bullet expanding garden hose review

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I’ve reviewed and used two Pocket Hoses in the past few years and have liked how they are lightweight, don’t take up that much space, and are so much easier to move from place to place compared to traditional rubber garden hoses. The only problem with the Pocket Hoses that I’ve used in the past is that they don’t hold up for more than a year or so before they fail for some reason or another. The latest Pocket Hose that has been sent to me is the Pocket Hose Top Brass Bullet expanding garden hose. Weird name, yes. But is it sturdier than past Pocket Hoses? Let’s take a look.

What is it?

The Pocket Hose Top Brass Bullet is an expanding water hose that has a cloth-like outer casing and brass fittings on the ends. This particular hose even comes with a removable brass spray nozzle.

Design and features

I was sent the 50-foot long version of this hose. The Pocket Hose Top Brass Bullet is also available in lengths of 75 and 100 feet.

The only way I know of to describe the outer casing of this hose is that it is made of a heavy black knitted material that feels really strong, but stretchy. The covering does not have any seams that can tear or pop open from water pressure.

On each end of the hose is a brass fitting with a thick rubber strain relief sleeve.

The Top Brass Bullet hose also comes with a removable brass nozzle that has 3 spray options from a fine pinpoint to a fine miss and a full power spray.

Of course, if you prefer a nozzle with a squeeze grip, you can remove the freebie nozzle and add your own.

See it in action

Final thoughts

We’ve only been using this hose for a couple weeks, so this is more of an overview than a real review. That said, so far, the Pocket Hose Top Brass Bullet looks and feels like a higher quality hose than the other expanding hoses that I’ve reviewed.

I’ll do a review update after a full season of using the hose, but if my hunch is right, I think this hose will still be going strong when it comes time to store it for the winter later in the fall.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by BulbHead. Please visit their site for more info and Amazon to order.


Product Information

  • Doesn't get kinked
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a removable nozzle
  • None

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16 thoughts on “Pocket Hose Top Brass Bullet expanding garden hose review”

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  2. The knitted cloth cover might help – but the basic problem is that the stuff that makes the hoses stiff and non-collapsible is the the weatherproofing. So to make it last without that is a problem.

    1. Ordered and was a vary bad idea. Don’t like it but they will not pay for me to ship it back. It is nonstop calls I get from them even on mothers day. Do not fall pray to this company.

  3. Reviews of these hoses in general are negative, but mainly due to the fact that they do not expand to anywhere near the length they are supposed to! I will be interested to hear how this one performs, particularly in this respect. The weatherproofing too, though I would not leave it outside in winter.

  4. Peckio Nicholas J.

    last time these came out i liked them but broke 2 soon after ownership.#2 was a warranty replacement.
    i think there was a class action lawsuit?

  5. I had used the pocket hoses for the last couple of years but they were getting worn so I purchased 4 of the bullet hoses for 123.94. The hardware on the hoses is inferior to what was provided previously but I could has rectified that at Lowes. The first two hoses that I used were more like soaker hoses out of the box, but the first one maintained enough pressure to use it for about 10 minutes before it burst. The second one burst immediately. I haven’t opened the third one yet but don’t expect much from it. They may be ok for towing cars like in the commercial on tv, but for use as a hose they are junk. These were all 100′ hoses and one 75′

  6. I bought my 50 foot top brass bullet about 4 months ago. I only use it about once a week to water my landscaping in front of my house. Today, it made a loud pop and gushed all over the place. The covering is shredded and the tubing is split. This was my third try with these pocket hoses. No luck at all. I just threw the receipt and packaging away last week because I didn’t think I’d need it for return purposes. DUH!!!

  7. the first one started leaking after the second use.
    they replaced it under warranty.
    if i need to rinse something real quick , it’s very inconvenient to have the hose
    fill up all the way and then trained it.
    the water pressure is not good since the inner diameter of the hose is to small.
    i’m not impressed and think the hose itself is pretty flimsy.
    i’m sticking with my regular water hose.

  8. I have used the pocket hose for a couple of years. They work fine for watering flowers, etc. Not enough power for washing dust and dirt off siding nor will they destroy spider webs. I like what I use them for as watering flowers, etc. as at 75, I can handle the weight of the hose very easily on a daily basis in the hot summer!

  9. I have been using the 25ft pocket hose for years for water, washing car, etc. The secret to longevity is to completely empty the hose after each use so there isn’t pressure on the fabric. Never had any leaks at the hose connection either. So convenient than lugging and storing a traditional hose. I would like one in an inbetween size like 35ft.

  10. Hi Julie, Thank you for reviewing this pocket hose. I’ve had two of them for a few years now and they are great. My only issue is with the nozzles. You mentioned that you can use a different nozzle which is what I’d like to do BUT, I CAN’T GET THE ORIGINAL NOZZLE OFF. I’d really appreciate some advice on how to replace the factory nozzle. Thank you,

  11. Have had this hose for about three months. We live in Kansas and its hot so I guess you can run a semi over it but can’t leave it in the sun. Spoke to manufacturer and they would send me a new one IF I paid to ship it to them and shipping it back. The hose just split and if you read other reviews this is not a one of experience. So find another manufacturer as bulbhead.com is not the company you want to deal with.

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