Pono Ola Balance Board review

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Are you steady on your feet or does your balance need some improvement? Would you like to add an extra element to your workout to increase your core strength without purchasing a large piece of exercise equipment? The Pono Ola Balance Board might be what you need. Let’s take a look.

What is it?

The Pono Ola is a balance board designed for exercise and as an accessory for standing desks.

Design and features

The Pono Ola is a 14.5 x 29.5 x 3.5 inch, 6 pound balance board that is made of .5 inch thick bamboo with four miniature yoga-style balls as feet.

It’s attractive and well made. I didn’t find any rough edges or splinters. The board is smooth and well finished.

The board comes fully assembled and ready to use. If the feet/balls need to be reinflated, you can do this with the included hand pump and 2 inflating needles.

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The pump does not have a gauge on it, and the instructions say to keep the pressure between 5 – 15 lbs.

Note that the maximum weight that the Pono Ola is rated for is 250 pounds.

What can you use it for?

This board can help improve your balance and stability during certain exercises (squats, push-ups, etc) and can also be used to help alleviate the monotony of standing at a standing desk.

See it in action

Just looking at it, you wouldn’t really think this board with the four mini yoga ball feet would really do very much in the way of improving balance, but I was surprised when I started using it. It really does help you engage your core even when doing easy exercises like the squats that I did in the quick video shown above.

The top surface of the Pono Ola balance board is about 3.5 inches above the floor. I tested it on a hard floor and on medium pile carpeted floor. It worked well on both surfaces.

Final thoughts

I think the Pono Ola balance board is a well made easy to use balance board that would be a useful addition to core strength exercise routines and as a platform to stand on when working at a standing desk. My only criticism is the price. I feel that $140 is overpriced for what it is and I would be more enthusiastic about it if it were priced closer to $100. That said, it is well made and should last for a long time as long as the feet/balls don’t spring a leak.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Pono Ola. Please visit their site for more info and Amazon to order.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Pono Ola
  • Well made
  • Comes with small air pump
  • Expensive

2 thoughts on “Pono Ola Balance Board review”

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  2. Thanks Julie, great share.
    How did you figure out the right pressure? Doesn’t it do more damage to posture if you get that wrong? You have four different balls to inflate, how do you get it juuuuuuuuust riiiiiiiight? I have ocd.
    It looks VERY safe. You have no reason to exercise. Where is the challenge?

    1. The balls/feet come pre-inflated. I didn’t adjust the pressure because they are fine right now. If they ever deflate, I will just go by feel.

      “You have no reason to exercise” why do you say that? Everyone has a reason to exercise. 🙂

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