The Pocket Shot Arrow Shooting Kit review

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Back in September of 2015, I reviewed a pretty interesting take on the slingshot, The Pocket Shot. I thought The Pocket Shot was a good product not only for everyday adventure but also as a survival tool. I was aware of another add-on for The Pocket Shot that would allow you to shoot arrows using The Pocket Shot as the base. The conversion consisted of a new pouch, an end cap, and arrow knock covers. Having previously reviewed The Pocket Shot the owners of Pocket Shot sent me everything I would need to convert The Pocket Shot to shoot arrows in The Pocket Shot Arrow Shooting Kit.

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I am not going to go into depth on the nomenclature of the original Pocket Shot, but I did link the original article above. Basically, it takes three things to convert The Pocket Shot to shoot arrows:

  • Arrow Pouch
  • Whisker Biscuit Cap
  • Arrow Knock Caps (optional but suggested)

Combine these and you are William Tell or Robin Hood.


There are two main components to the conversion the first is the Arrow Pouch. You can see compared to the original pouch for The Pocket Shot its longer. This is naturally to accommodate arrows. Changing out pouches was straightforward as the design makes it almost idiot proof so even I could do it. The Arrow Pouch is red so it is easy to distinguish it from the regular and Pro Pouches (black and blue respectively). On the product website, it says that you can achieve a full draw with a 30-inch arrow and will shoot that arrow up to 130 FPS (Feet Per Second).


The other main component for my conversion of The Pocket Shot is the Whisker Biscuit. The Whisker Biscuit screws on to The Pocket Shot allowing you to shoot arrows with it. Looking at the front of the Whisker Biscuit you can see a bunch of what looks like hairs or whiskers. They feel like a bunch of thick monofilament fibers. They do a great job of holding the arrows in place allowing you to make an accurate shot.


The last of the trio of items that are included in The Pocket Shot Arrow Kit were the Arrow Knock Caps. These caps cover the arrows knock to protect the pouch and to provide a little better grip on the arrow for shooting.

The Knock Cap slips firmly onto the knock of the arrow I will be using to shoot. As I said above it also provides some grip.


Shooting arrows with The Pocket Shot is pretty straight forward, place arrow through the Whisker Biscuit into the Arrow Pouch, draw back, and let the arrow fly. Since I am not a bow hunter, I am using 24″ bullet nose tipped arrows to test with. As with any shooting activity, it takes some practice to get consistent. As you can imagine shooting an arrow with The Pocket Shot is very different than using a regular bow, although aiming was not as difficult as I thought it would be but it did take a few shots to get the mechanics down.

So, what’s my bottom line here? Although I love the concept and versatility of The Pocket Shot, I am not in love with shooting arrows with it. Let me explain. I consider The Pocket Shot to be a survival tool (it is also fun to just shoot), as such, it needs to be compact enough to fit in a pocket or a day bag. Although the Arrow Shooting Kit worked great (I do love the thought that went into this adaptation of The Pocket Shot) it takes some thought or pre-planning to use. If I had that much planning time I would probably have a bow to shoot my arrows with. Putting the practical side of me away for a minute I did enjoy shooting arrows using The Pocket Shot Arrow Shooting Kit. The Pocket Shot Arrow Shooting Kit can be purchased from The Pocket Shot website for $50. So, if you’re looking for a different arrow shooting experience you may want to give The Pocket Shot and the Arrow Shooting Kit a try. Just a side note here, it seems that the price and included items for The Pocket Shot Arow Kit has changed since I started this article. The Pocket Shot Arrow Kit now includes the inner and outer ring used to attached the arrow pouch too. The price also decreased to $50.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by The Pocket Shot. Visit their site for more info and their Amazon store.


Product Information

Manufacturer:The Pocket Shot
  • Arrows
  • Complete conversion kit
  • Fun to shoot
  • Well made
  • I am not sure how practical it is

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