Google hates spam calls as much as we do!


Even though I have my mobile number added to the Do Not Call list, I get a dozen spam calls to my phone every week. They are almost always a pre-recorded message from someone named Sally or Sarah telling me that… well, I don’t know what they want to tell me because I always hang up after I hear that it’s a recording. I’ve recently started rejecting calls from numbers I don’t know, but I often wonder if the call was one I should have answered. After today I’ll have a better idea when a call is spammy thanks to Google. They are updating the stock Phone app for Nexus (I am still rocking my Nexus 6P) and Android One devices to show a notice on the screen when a call is suspected of being spam. The new caller ID & spam protection feature is easy to turn on and will even let you to block and report spam calls. The Phone app on my 6P hasn’t been updated yet, but I’m happy to hear about this new feature and can’t wait to try it and report Sally and/or Sarah the next time they call me. For more info check out this page on

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  2. Didn’t you know? You’ve been selected for a cruise vacation! I get these same annoying calls!

    Those 402 numbers get me every time since I am originally from that area code. -_-; I’d love to see that spam message but alas, I am on an iPhone.

  3. I really hope that I get this update on my on my Moto G4… Hate these calls so much that i started messing with them!

    1. I do that to the human calls. Every time I get a call from “Microsoft” telling me that they can help me make my computer faster, I string them along for 20 minutes asking the same questions over and over again or start crying hysterically because my computer is screwed up.

      1. Last call I got, I made sure to press one to get the agent and then I told the guy “I like ice cream” and he asked me to repeat that so I said “I like ice cream with sprinkles!” and he hung up on me… 🙁

  4. Too bad so many of them come from blocked caller ID, or worse, the caller ID is spoofed and some poor sucker out there is getting angry call backs. I have to deal with the fall out from this crap every day at work taking calls for a major carrier. 🙁

    But, I do look forward to this making it into most Android phones so that I can tell customers about it. No one likes to pay for carrier-side features to do it.

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