Gamevice makes gaming on the iPad a dream


When the iPad first came out years ago, I thought to myself there’s something that has some real potential to become a portable gaming device. Over the years the iPads have become more powerful and the games more complex. The one area that lacked for gaming on the iPad was a suitable gaming controller, one that worked like the console games a lot of us play today. A company called Gamevice has created a controller that acts similar to your home gaming consoles controllers. With dual analog joysticks, A,B,X,Y buttons, a D-pad, left and right bumpers, and left and right triggers, the Gamevice controller is a major step forward in gaming on an iPad. The Gamevice for the iPad Air is available from the Apple Shop for $99.95. There are also Gamevice controllers for the iPhone 6/6s Plus and the iPad Mini.

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