Clothing Arts P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Travel Pants review

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What is the best way to protect yourself from travel related crimes? Just don’t travel right? Well that’s obviously no fun. Are there other ways to protect yourself? Yes, the P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Travel Pants from Clothing Arts can at least prevent the baddies from trying to snag your money, phone and your other pocket gear. Let’s take a look.

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Clothing Arts P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Travel Pants (bet you can’t say that three times fast!) are available in several colors and have styles for both men and women. I was sent the women’s version of the travel pants in grey.


The pants look and feel like they are made of cotton, but they are actually made of Nature-Like Nylon that is relatively light weight and is both stronger and more durable than cotton. The material is also quick drying, resists wrinkles and has been treated with DuPont Teflon Shield+ to repel water and stains. The material even boosts UPF 50+ protection.

The P^3 travel pants have a flat zipped front (yay, no pleats!) with a one button closure. There are two upper side pockets as well as a cargo pocket on each side.


There are eight belt loops, but the pants also feature an adjustable waist with a buttoned cinch on each side. There are two buttoned pockets on the back, which bring the pocket count up to six. But wait, there’s more!


The side pockets are secured with YKK zippers that unzip from the bottom up.


Inside each side pocket are two more hidden pockets. There’s a horizontal pocket in the back that is secured with zipper. This pocket is supposed to hold your smartphone, but it’s not deep enough to fully conceal my Nexus 6P.


The other pocket is in the front and is secured with a Velcro tab. These extra pockets make it easy to separate items like keys, coins, cash, etc. Both side pockets have this configuration.

The cargo pockets have a button closure and a front and back side gusset that allows the pockets to expand. The right cargo pocket had a hidden zippered pocket that is accessed under the flap. The pocket is supposed to be sized to fit a passport. I couldn’t find my passport so I used a small pocket notebook as a stand-in. The Field Notes sized notebook (which I believe is slightly narrower and longer than a passport) is able to fit securely inside the hidden zippered pocket. It’s a really tight fit though so I think the passport would be an even tighter fit.


The left cargo pocket does not have a hidden pocket. In the image above I have my Nexus 6P smartphone in the pocket to give it a size reference.


Just like the cargo pockets, the back pocket on the right has a hidden zippered pocket that can be found under the buttoned flap. If you’re keeping count, that means the Clothing Arts P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Travel Pants have a total of 12 pockets.


The P^3 pants can convert to capri pants by rolling up the legs and securing them with the built in snap tabs.


The pants come with two RFID blocking sleeves. One for your passport and one for credit cards. You can then place the sleeves in the appropriate pants pockets. Although the passport sized sleeve is too large to fit in the zippered passport pocket in the right cargo pocket. It will fit in the top zippered side pockets though.

As far as sizes go, I ordered a size 8. I think that the pants are slightly too baggy on me. But I think size 6 would be too snug. I normally wear an 8. The pants come in sizes 2-16 and in lengths of 29″, 32″ and 34″. The P^3 pants were comfortable to wear but the top zippered side pockets felt a little bulky when sitting down. I also noticed a lot of swishing pant noise when walking. I’m not sure if it’s due to the type of material, how new it is or just that the pants a little too big on me.

I think these pants would be great for traveling because the zippered pockets will keep greedy crooks from trying to steal your cash and other items. The number of pockets also makes organization a snap. With the Clothing Arts P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Travel Pants you can carry everything you need without carrying a separate bag or purse which can be stolen or accidentally left behind.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Clothing Arts. Please visit their site for more info.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Clothing Arts
  • 6 main pockets and 6 hidden pockets
  • Can easily convert to capri pants
  • Teflon coated for water and stain resistance
  • Zippered side pockets feel a little bulky when sitting

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  2. Be careful on sizing when purchasing these pants, as on the Clothing Arts website, the reviews are not reflective of everyone who does submit one. I purchased the women’s pants one size larger than my usual size, to be on the safe side, as I can sometimes cross into the next size dependent on fit. Sadly, they didn’t fit, and Clothing Arts has declined both my review and my request for them to fix the issue, asking me to pay shipping to exchange them. If you have to buy 2 sizes up from usual, you need to know this from go. Great looking pants, and a quality product, but if they don’t fit and the company isn’t providing a good level of customer service, potential buyers should have access to that information.

    1. Susan, why should they pay shipping? This is in their FAQ and is pretty clear they don’t cover shipping for returns:

      Yes, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you are not completely happy with our fit, feel or function, and the pants/shirt still have their original tags attached, we will exchange or refund the cost of the product (less flat rate shipping) to your card. The pants/shirts are true to size and very high quality – returns are unlikely. Please first email [email protected] and then ship them back to us in a new envelope from the US Postal Service. In a few days a refund will be issued or a new pair of pants will be on their way to your door.

      Maybe read all the details first before complaining?

  3. I did read, and discuss with the owner, all of the details. My position was that they should pay the shipping as their sizing was flawed. It’s very strange that the owner got defensive and unprofessional with me in his response, and also declined to post my review. If I base my purchase on others’ reviews, including the detail around sizing, I should not need to return the item.

  4. Clothing Arts lost a sale today because they charge up front and yet the item I wanted is on backorder until at least December (6+ weeks). They blamed it on being a small company and that’s the way their computer system is. They shouldn’t advertise like crazy (as they do), and then ask their customers to fund their operation up front. They’ve been in operation for quite some time, and in this day and age, to run their business in this manner is not OK. Caveat Emptor

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