The Gadgeteer, there’s an app for that!

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After almost 18 years, The Gadgeteer finally has a stand alone app! As of today you can download and install The Gadgeteer Android app from the Google Play store. Don’t worry iPhone and iPad peeps, an iOS version will also be available very soon. It is still going through Apple’s approval process. The Android app has the same look and feel that you see when you visit the site with your smartphone or tablet, but now it’s a dedicated application with its own icon. Some of you will also appreciate that there are fewer ads. 🙂 And of course, the app is completely FREE. So check out it at the Google Play store and let me know what you think.

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20 thoughts on “The Gadgeteer, there’s an app for that!”

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  2. Been following The-Gadgeteer since the PalmPilot days. I am so glad you are introducing an App for this. I find the experience on the mobile browser is no where near the PC browser. Hopefully this App will bring the balance back in the Gadgeteer universe 🙂

  3. I usually surf on my computer, rarely on my mobile. I’m not a fan of Website apps. Sorry Julie I still love you and your site, but I’ll skip the app. Unless you include space invaders or something in it. 😀

  4. As long as it doesn’t bug me to install the app every time I visit the site like XDA and some other tech sites do…. I really hate that.

      1. Oh yes, Please make sure that doesn’t happen. I’ve stopped going to sites because they keep hounding you to install the app. Ask me once, or inform me I’m cool with it. Ask me ever time I visit, you start to piss me off. Ask me every single time I navigate a link and I will start plotting the web devs death (or just stop visiting the site)

  5. Sorry but I don’t understand the need for an app that replicates the mobile website, is it hard to add a bookmark to the homescreen ?

  6. I was just about to suggest a new icon until I saw the comments. Yup, deffo better the new icon. Almost looks like a blue colored eye too!!

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