An iPhone case that is born to be wild

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The Backhand Rider cases from Kimovations will get your motor running as you head out on the highway (sorry, I couldn’t resist). They are wearable phone cases that can hold most 5 inch long smartphones including the iPhone 4, 5s, Samsung S4 mini Moto E, Samsung Prevail and more. These cases have been designed to strap on your wrist and fingers for handsfree (ok, not really) use. The Backhand Rider cases are made of leather and come in a variety of styles including ones like you see here that have snaps for spikes and other decorations. Prices range from $15.50 up to $59.95. For more info visit If I had a moped, I’d definitely get one of these cases! 🙂

12 thoughts on “An iPhone case that is born to be wild”

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  2. That’s . . . actually not a very good idea. That’s going to make it harder to flex your hand, making working the clutch harder (especially if, like me, you have a small hand to begin with), and there’s no protection for the phone’s screen. I’ve taken rocks to my hands (and face! always wear a full-face helmet, kids!) before that would certainly have damaged a phone if I’d had one strapped to the back of my hand. Better to get a tank bag or RAM mount if you want to be able to view the phone while riding.

    1. Thank you Shel for your input! 🙂 I can totally understand how you would think that the Backhand would impede your ability to clutch (or brake if worn on the right hand) but I can promise you that it does not. The finger strap that runs underneath your 2 middle fingers allows for complete finger flexibility. In fact you can make a fist when wearing it. I ride, and I’ve been riding with mine for a year now and I’ve never had a problem clutching or braking. As far as having a protective cover, it would be a problem if you were riding in a hail storm, but most of today’s smartphones are water resistant and some are even waterproof though I would not recommend riding for a long time in the rain just in case. As far as flying rocks or debris, the phone is facing upward, toward the sky, even when using the clutch so it would be very unlikely that a rock would be able to hit the screen, only the front is susceptible to something like rocks or bugs and the phone being encased in leather keeps it safe unless it’s a REALLY big rock! Thank you sincerely for you input and I really do appreciate it. 🙂

  3. As if playing with your smartphone while driving a car were not already dangerous, try doing it on your motorbike.

    1. You are absolutely right Fred and I would not recommend that anyone txt’d while riding, driving OR walking for that matter! I never use my phone, even GPS, while I’m in motion of any kind and I highly recommend that everyone else would use the same common sense and not do it either. Thankfully we have blue tooth and if my phone does ring I never do more than glance at my hand to see who’s calling but I will not answer until I’m at a complete stop. Nor will I do anything else like change the music or check the GPS if I’m in motion. Thank you sincerely for your input and please let me know if you have a follow up question; I appreciate your input! 🙂

  4. Being a rider myself I had to comment on this. I ALWAYS wear gloves while riding and this device would seem to have an issue with that. I have a GPS on my bike and I know how much of a distraction that can be if not programmed properly. I can only imagine what would happen if I were to start paying attention to my phone. A lot of friends I ride with use their phones to listen to music and often just put the phone in a pocket or bag. This product seems definitely targeted to the non gear wearing, non serious rider crowd.

    1. Hi Lynn, and thank you for your input. I’m a serious rider too and I wear my finger-less gloves every time I ride; the Backhand has an adjustable finger strap that allows you to wear it even while wearing a glove, unless they are super thick gloves, in which case you would not be able to wear the Backhand.
      Something that I let riders know about, that they don’t tell you when you but handlebar mounts or tank bags is that every time you hit a bump in the road, you are potentially shortening your phones life. The tiny internal components of a smartphone do not like to being hit with a jolt or bumping around on a gas tank and though might not realize it when you anchor your phone to the frame of the bike (mounts) you are carrying the potential energy of the bikes speed and every bump in the road could be damaging your phone internally.
      Thank you sincerely for you comments and please feel free to post any other questions or comments and I would be very happy to answer them. Thank you! 🙂

  5. I also forgot the most important thing. In case of a crash, I would not want to fall with my phone strapped to my hand this way. Most people’s first instinct is to put their hands out to catch themselves. Nothing like a nice spike coming out the front of your phone to catch on you or something on the road. But Hey, you look like a bad a$$ wearing it!

    1. Crashes are dangerous to both person and phone regardless if your phone is in your pocket, in a tank bag or on a handlebar mount; but l think squeezing the brake and/or clutch is the 1st reaction to an impending collision. Once a collision occurs of coarse, your hands will more than likely be squeezing both handles and an impact that would hard enough to crack the glass would probably be the least of your concerns as you probably would not have a hand anymore; attached to your person anyway. The same if you flew forward from the impact and held your hands out in front of you to “protect” you from the impact. God forbid any of us are ever in a collision like that and wish more riders would wear full helmets to protect your face rather than the “brain-buckets” I see a lot of rider wearing. Full helmets are much safer. thank you again for your input, and thank you for saying it makes you look bad ass 😀

    1. Hi Digi Owl, I saw that! and it was on Vat 19! Great memory! In fact that was the closest gadget to our design that I was able to find in 3 deep internet searches that I did before submitting my utility patent.
      That one was for flip phones if I remember right.
      Thank you, Mike

  6. Hi, I’m Mike, the creator of the Backhand and I want to thank everyone for their input! I really appreciate your honest feedback because it let’s me know what questions or problems that people may have with our product and that to me is priceless. I will reply to each comment and invite you to continue the dialogue if you have any other questions.
    Again, thank you and hope I can answer any and all questions to your satisfaction.
    Sincerely, Mike

  7. Thank you everyone for your comments! Even the comments from the nays are much appreciated and I hope that I was able to answer them to your satisfaction.
    Sincerely, Mike Walker

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