Add some beautiful color to your useful leather accessories with Tovi Sorga

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If you like your accessories to be unusual and not something everyone you’ll meet will be carrying, too, then you need to check out Tovi Sorga’s beautiful, colorful leather goods.  Tovi’s biography says he is an “independent artist, designer and craftsman of bespoke, printed leather fashion accessories. He is one of the only leather-craft artisans creating for the fashion market in the UK who works with printed leather. Each product is designed and printed in-house, and then hand-stitched on a vintage Singer sewing machine – the only tool with which to achieve absolute control and accuracy in the manufacturing process. ”  His designs are original and are printed on 100% fine calf skin leather and cow hide sourced from some of Britain’s oldest and last remaining tanneries.

He creates a line of tablet cases (full-sized and mini tablets or ereaders), phone cases with wallet slots, tote bags for laptops, mouse pads, wrist wallets, luggage tags, and zippered clutches and bags.  The bags have beautiful, bright tattoo-like designs or graphical designs.  Some of these bags will appeal more to women, but many will appeal to all genders.  In the image above, you’ll see a tablet case, a laptop tote, and the front and back of a phone case with card slots on the back.

Prices range from £35.00 for a leather mouse pad to £250 for the tote bags (about $52 – 370 US).  See all the beautiful leather goods at Tovi Sorga‘s website.

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