This weird looking ring thingy adds wireless charging to your non-wireless charging device

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From the world’s stupidest products category comes the Duracell Powermat + Ring. This product is for people who have devices that don’t have wireless charging built in and no common sense. Just plug the huge plastic loopy thing into the micro USB connector on your device and then set it on the two piece charging pad. Kudos on that design idea… and by kudos I mean what the heck?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of wireless charging, but this solution is just about the dumbest thing I’ve seen in awhile. First of all, it’s doesn’t even use the Qi standard. Duracell’s Powermat uses PMA-3 technology. Yuck. Then there’s that giant dongle that houses the charging coil. You have to plug it when you want to charge and then remove it when you are done. How is that even a tiny bit better than just using a simple USB cable which comes free with your device? It’s not. This is a product for morons. You can purchase the Duracell Powermat + Ring for $53.98. For more info visit Duracell.

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7 thoughts on “This weird looking ring thingy adds wireless charging to your non-wireless charging device”

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  2. It doesn’t REALLY add wireless charging — unless you like walking around with a refrigerator magnet letter “O” attached to your phone.

    There are some cases that do this — and they aren’t too bad on smaller phones. There are also little “pads” with cables you plug in that your phone rests on for the “wireless” chargers that run about $10-$20 (see other “powermat” products — which I own). They are good for “hybrid” applications. Charge my phone, watch, and BT headset on the same “mat”. Avoids cable clutter.

    This one is just lame. $60? Might be interested (smaller profile for my BT headset) for like $5…

    1. @jhon I just can’t believe people would spend money on this charging system when it offers nothing as far as convenience over a standard USB cable. It’s one of those products that just makes me scratch my head. 🙂

  3. They didn’t mention the other functions it can serve.

    A. Turn your android or Apple device into a bubble wand
    2. Emergency engagement ring for the really nerdy.
    3. Emergency [CENSORED] ring for the really kinky.
    D. Large washer
    E. Leg shim for wobbly outdoor table at upscale french bistro.
    XI. Neo-Punk Monocle.
    7. New Age body modification
    38 2e Sherlock Homes impersonations
    I. Backup/Emergency rip-cord ring for paratroopers.

    I’m glad there are some products out there with more functionality than those stupid one trick pony Qi enabled chargers. Why did I spend my money on Qi charging pad? For only $15 more I could have had ALL THESE EXTRA FUNCTIONS.

  4. Have you never been to a Starbucks that has these? They aren’t designed for end users, they are designed for places like Starbucks to have a bunch of them on a peg for people to grab and use on the charging mats built into their tables. The design achieves its intended purpose quite nicely in my view.

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