Double your charging speed with SONICable Lightning or microUSB cables


Charging up your device can be a time-consuming endeavor.  Don’t you wish you could speed it up?  With the SONICable, the creator promises you can half the time to charge your device, at least when you’re charging from a USB port.  When you’re charging from an AC charger, the SONICable works as a normal Lightning or microUSB charge cable.  When plugged into a USB port, you can use it as a normal cable for syncing and charging, or you can switch the cable to SONIC mode, and all the power from the USB port will be focused on charging your device in about half the normal time. The USB end of the cable is dual sided, meaning you can plug it into the USB port in either direction.

This Indiegogo project is still seeking funding until February 23, 2015 at 11:59pm PT, but it has blown its $10,000 funding goal out of the water, raising more than $317,000 in pledges.  Many of the pledge levels have sold out, but you can still reserve a SONICable for yourself.  For $27, you’ll receive one SONICable in your choice of Lightning or microUSB; a few other available pledge levels get you multiple cables.  There are even color choices available.  Shipping for the SONICable is expected in March 2015.  If you need a Lightning cable and don’t want to wait until March, Pyramid Distribution is offering the Bench 2X Faster Apple Lightning to USB Sync Charger Data Cable for $15.00; read more about this cable in our earlier article.

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  2. Sounds like basically they are cutting the data wires when going “sonic”, thus making the phone think it is hooked up to a AC charger. This makes it grabs as many As as it can get from the port. Will not do much on most port though, as they top out at 500mA. May help with bothersome chargers that think the Apple way is the only way.

    All in all though, i suspect a Startech charging adapter will do just as well:

  3. I funded this product on Indiegogo for both an Android and Lighting cable as I use both type devices. After lengthy delay I finally received both the products and began to use them. The first thing I noticed is not only did they not charge any faster than the factory cables, it actually took longer! Within a short time they each completely stopped charging altogether.

    Over the past few months I have repeatedly contacted them via their Indiegogo page, their website and their Facebook page (which incidentally has not been updated in months) with no response whatsoever. There have been past periodic updates on their pages saying that they are still shipping cables from the original orders and will get around to dealing with the defective ones… sometime. I then began to contact Indiegogo directly and while they did respond to my emails, they have taken no action to rectify this situation, they simply say sorry, this issue is between you and them. I then started to read other purchaser reviews on Indiegogo, Facebook and elsewhere only to find that WOW, I am not alone here. It seems that this has happened to almost everyone who has funded this project. The evidence is below in the links. Their Indiegogo page is still active and accepting funding which I view at this point as outright theft, I have never felt so ripped off! Do not fund or purchase this product, it’s a waste of your money!

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