Holster your iPhone 6 Plus for quick draws!

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Still avoiding keeping your iPhone 6 Plus in your pants pockets?  Maybe clipping the phone to your belt would work for you.  With the Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for iPhone 6 Plus, your phone will always be at hand.  This holster has a felt lining to prevent scratches and a spring clip to hold the iPhone 6 Plus securely.  You put the phone in face first, so the screen is protected, and you can rotate the holster from vertical to horizontal orientation for the most comfortable fit.  The Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for iPhone 6 Plus is $27.95 at iMore Store.

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4 thoughts on “Holster your iPhone 6 Plus for quick draws!”

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  2. I have the Seidio surface combo (holster + case) for iPhone 6 (2014).

    I had this also for iPhone 5 (2012).
    I had the holster only for my Epic 4G Galaxy S (2010).
    Also similar Seidio holster for my old Centro (2008).

    They have worked well. The only thing is the bottom of the holder cracked and broke after about year and the screen lining will wear/tear from the phone corner hitting it during insert after a while. Also the top latch broke where the pin is inserted–this is the weakest point.

    Still, best holsters I ever had for any phone.

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