Vaja Cases Grip LP Premium iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case review

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I love getting a new gadget, not just because I love the gadget itself, but because it means I get new cases and covers!  Of course, I expect a case to protect my device from bumps and bruises of everyday use, but I also want it to either disappear from view or to add to the beauty of the device.  The Grip LP Premium iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case from Vaja Cases meets both my requirements for an iPhone 6 Plus case.  Let’s check it out!


The Grip LP case comes packed in a cardboard box.  Inside the box is the Grip LP case itself and a sueded leather pouch to protect the Grip LP case while it’s in a pocket or bag.  You can see the sueded pouch in the top photo.

Like most Vaja products, the Grip LP case is available in a few color combinations that are in stock and ready to ship.  Those cases are $90.  This case is also customizable.  You can choose either Bridge-Caterina leather or Floater-Caterina leather.  There are many colors to select the main color and the accent/interior color from when you customize.  The in-stock selection varies with time.  I selected the Dark Brown and Iceberg Green combination.  (It looks a bit like black and blue-green in some of my photos.)


The interior is lined with a smooth leather that’s been embossed with the Vaja logo.  The case measures about 6.2″ X 3.2″ X 0.24″ thick.  It weighs 1.23 ounces on my digital kitchen scale.  The sueded pouch adds 0.95 ounces more.

The core of the case is a hard shell that’s completely leather wrapped.  The exterior leather wraps over the sides of the shell to protect your phone from being scratched as the case is installed or removed.  Look at the top photo for this review, and you’ll see how straight and even the stitches are at the meeting of the two colors of leather.


The leather-wrapped shell wraps slightly over onto the front bezel of the iPhone 6 Plus.  It doesn’t interfere with using the touchscreen at all.  The overlap does keep the phone’s screen from touching the tabletop when you lay it facedown.


The opening for the camera has a black plastic edging around the inside, which Vaja says makes the “camera eyelet compatible with the True-tone flash”. I didn’t notice that the case caused any interference with using the camera and flash.

The bottom of the back has a silvertoned Vaja metal badge.  The inside edge of this metal piece is covered by the leather interior, so you don’t have to worry it will scratch the back of your phone.


The openings around the volume buttons and the mute slider on one side and the power button on the other side are large enough that I had no trouble using the buttons.  These openings do leave quite a bit of the iPhone’s metal casing exposed.  You can see and admire the color of your phone here, but these big openings leave quite a bit of the phone open to scratches.


Although there are no controls on the top of the iPhone, there’s a big opening in the top of the Grip LP case.  The bottom also leaves a lot of metal uncovered, but you’ll certainly be able to use Lighting connectors and headphone plugs without trouble.  The bottom microphone and the external speakers are left open.

By the way, the two images just above show the best rendition of the color of the leathers on the Grip LP case.

Because I tend to be a bit insane about keeping my gadgets, my cases, covers, and bags in pristine condition, I do like to have something to protect my expensive leather goods.  I was excited to see that the sueded pouch was included to protect the Grip LP case, but I was disappointed to see how much of the leather case it left uncovered.  It seems that this pouch was designed for smaller phones than the iPhone 6 Plus.

As you expect from Vaja Cases, the Grip LP Premium iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case looks beautiful and is beautifully made from quality leathers.  The sturdy hard shell will protect your iPhone 6 Plus, while the leather exterior adds a new layer of beauty.

Source: The Grip LP Premium iPhone 6 Case sample for this review was provided by Vaja Cases. Please visit for more info.


Product Information

Price:$90 for in stock colors; custom colors start at $110
Manufacturer:Vaja Cases
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • Beautiful, well-made, protective case
  • Can be customized to suit your taste
  • None

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7 thoughts on “Vaja Cases Grip LP Premium iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case review”

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  2. Nice leather case. If you are looking for other material case, such as metal/brushed aluminum, go have a look at They have a nice collection of colored brushed aluminum and ultra thin, branding free cases (probably the thinnest out there). They are also the most affordable of the market, and won’t cost you $50 to get one… your call!

  3. Nice looking BUT too expensive in terrible service – Not worth it.
    I ordered one of these admittedly nice looking cases but by the time it arrived at my house I’d paid another 33% (and waited 4 weeks!!!!) in shipping and duty for a total cost of ~$200. Seems rich for a $500 device which will be replaced in 3 years. Then within a week of getting it my daughter knocked it off a 2′ high coffee table and the leather split when it hit the ground. I contacted Vaja and was ignored. Tried again and finally got some attention but was told that was the nature of ‘fine’ leather. I have a Louis Vuitton wallet made of leather which is in perfect condition after 7 years of daily use. I guess Vaja just uses cheap materials – and worse – they don’t stand behind their products.
    I would argue strongly against buying anything they produce.

  4. I have exactly the same. Always bought Piel Frama, but was tempted for something else.

    Bought a 150 euro case for my blackberry Passport which looks HORRIBLE after 6 months (!) of use. Leather peeled off the edges and discolored…

    Their “Client service” said that I abused it and refused to do anything. All my Piel Frama cases still look as new…


  5. HORRIBLE product and even WORSE customer service. I purchased a vaja grip case for my iPhone 6+ earlier this year and upon it’s arrival noticed that the corners looked odd, and was concerned they would not wear well. I contacted their customer service, and was told this was normal and it was the glue??? Anyhow, fast forward several months and the leather has worn so badly you would never guess the original color of the case was a light tan…it’s now a chocolate brown…URGLY. Fast forward several more months and surprise…one of the corners have come undone. I contacted Vaja and said according to their product warranty this should not occur. They responded that based on their assessment the phone had been dropped and / or was subjected to a sharp object. I responded that neither was the case, and I was offended by their accusation as well as their refusal to stand behind their product. Guess What??? They never responded. Horrible company. I spent a total of $122 for a piece of junk.

  6. Ordered the Grip ID. Love the leather but the magnetic closure wont keep the flap closed.
    Worst of all is their customer service – Horrible! Will not return emails, keep saying they aren’t getting the video I sent them.
    Cannot recommend them for that reason.

  7. I had a terrible experience with this product.

    I bought a Grip LP Premium iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case in November 2015. After less than a year of normal use, the leather is crumbling apart and the logo fell off.

    Basically, they glue thin leather using poor quality glue to a plastic case – and the result is obvious.

    Customer service response has been horrible. I got a rude response saying the warranty is for 6 months only and it expired some months ago, and therefore cannot offer a replacement or repair.

    Having paid $130 – I can say I got thoroughly ripped off. Stay away from Vaja.

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