Increase the storage in your iOS device with Brando’s i-FlashDrive


The i-FlashDrive is an easy way to transfer data between your computer to your iPhone or iPad, and it also increases the storage available to your iOS device.  Simply insert your own microSD (HC) card into the i-FlashDrive, copy over files from your computer, and then use the Lightning connector to connect the i-FlashDrive to your iPhone or iPad.  The drive offers secured file encryption for private files.  You’ll be able to manage data directly from the iOS device, such as create, copy, move, delete, rename, open, and more.  You can playback music and video files directly from the external memory, and you can backup/restore your contacts list.  The i-FlashDrive provides a document viewer for major file types, a text editor, and a voice recorder.  It even has Dropbox support.  The i-FlashDrive is compatible with all iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches with the Lightning connector.  Brando offers the i-FlashDrive for $30.00.

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