Keep an eye on – and give treats to – your pets while you’re out of the house

With the PetziConnect, you can see, talk to, and dispense treats to your cat or dog while you’re out of the house.  Install the PetziConnect, connect it to your WiFi connection, install the free, secure app to your smart phone, and you and your fur babies will be in contact any time you like.  The HD camera lets you see your pet in 720p resolution, and you can snap pictures or record video at 30fps; you can even capture low-light video.  The PetziConnect has clear audio so you can speak to your pets.  When they hear your voice, they’ll come running to listen to you and get a little treat.  The treat doesn’t just drop; one to three pieces will be tossed out so the pet will have to chase down the treats to add some fun and play to your little visit.  You can share the videos and photos you capture through the app, and the app will notify you when it’s time to reload the treats.  You should give yourself the gift of seeing and interacting with your fur babies when you can’t be there with them.  The PetziConnect is available now for pre-order for $169.99 from Petzila, with shipping in time for the holidays.  Watch the video to see the PetziConnect in action.  After you see it, you’ll want a PetziConnect and a couple of adorable little chihuahua friends!

5 thoughts on “Keep an eye on – and give treats to – your pets while you’re out of the house”

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  2. Works great for kids too, Toss some teething rings in there and boom $900/mo savings in Daycare.

    FYI: I’m kidding CPS really I am.

  3. John Kes, I don’t think that big rottie would get enough to get him going, but those little guys might end up leaving a few presents around the house. 😀

    Donald Schoengold Nope, not a joke. There are many other similar devices that let you interact with your pet during the day, too. We’ve written about one or two of them in the past.

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