TEC RETREEV is a pocket grappling hook for your Ninja toolbelt

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The RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool from TEC Accessories is a tool that any spy, ninja or MacGyver wannabe would love to add to their collection of gear. The RETREEV looks like a small flashlight, but it’s actually a grappling hook that will fit in your pocket. It’s made of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum with a clear anodized finish, and includes 1 set of aluminum spikes and 1 set of stainless steel spikes. One set of spikes stores inside the tube. Just unscrew the cap, which has a rare-earth magnet mounted in the end that can be used to retrieve metallic objects, remove the spikes and fit the spikes in the holes in the tube. Then screw the cap back on and you’re ready to use it. You’ll need to supply your own cord and it should go without saying that the RETREEV will not support your body weight and should not be used for climbing. But it can be used to retrieve a kite from a tree, a broken limb from your roof, and more. The TEC RETREEV is priced at $27.95. Visit TEC for more info.

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  2. No my childhood was spent building things. Only body parts I (Almost) blew off were my own. (Be careful when building a dry ice canon). I did burn off all facial hair with a giant fireball (7-up bottles are not an approved substitute for fuel tank in home built motor cycle). You know normal childhood stuff.

  3. That would have been fantastic when I was playing Batman & Robin many decades ago, although I probably would have needed more stitches in the long run.

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