Now you can see what your cat has dragged behind the stove, without having to move the stove

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If you’ve ever seen those big, gooseneck inspection cameras that plumbers use to inspect pipes, you may have wished you had access to one when you drop a ring up under the bed or the cat has dragged off your socks behind the fridge.  DinosaurLifeStyle (alas, Andrew Baker, it still suffers from a dearth of dinosaurs…) has a small version that’s sized and priced right for home use.  The WiFi Battery Inspection Camera for iPhone and Android Phones has a 3-foot viewing tube (9mm diameter) and a 640 x 480 PAL CMOS viewing sensor.  It connects, via a free app, to your iPhone or Android device and transmits 30 frame/second video to your mobile device.  You can use the app to take still shots or video of what the camera probe is exploring.  The camera has an IP67 dust and waterproof rating, works in 14-122 degrees F temperatures and 20-85% relative humidity, a 48-degree viewing angle, and it comes with a set of hooking tools for various inspection conditions.  It requires four AAA batteries.  The WiFi Battery Inspection Camera for iPhone and Android Phones is $96 for the camera alone or $102 for the camera and storage box from DinosaurLifeStyle.

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