KERO charging cables cover the long and the short of it

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Have you noticed how short the charging cables included with devices always are?  It’s really difficult to find an outlet that lets you comfortably use your device as you charge it with those little 3-foot long cables.  The Lasso Lightning cable ($29.99) from KERO is 10 feet long, so you’ll never be faced with having to sit in the floor beside the outlet to continue using your iOS gear when the battery is in dire need of some extra juice.  It comes with a cable tie to keep it organized when you aren’t using it.  The Lasso is also great for traveling, but KERO has some keyring chargers if you prefer to travel light.  The Nomad cables are 3″ long, and they are sync/charge cables.  They are available in two versions:  a certified Apple Lightning cable ($24,99) or a USB 2.0 microUSB version ($14.99).  Both Nomad cables are available in white or blue; the Lasso is available in white only.  Learn more at KERO.

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