Your child can learn about the world with the Little Passports sets

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With these educational sets, your child can go on a virtual trip with Sam and Sofia as they explore the USA or the world.  Each month, she’ll receive a package with a letter from Sam and Sofia, maps, stickers, souvenirs, activities, and access to online activities.  The World Edition includes a suitcase and a passport with the first shipment;  each monthly shipment contains materials specific to a different country around the world.  The USA Edition includes a letter from Sam and Sofia, a USA Field Guide, a USA scratch book, a map, and a camera in the first shipment; each monthly shipment contains materials to two different states.  The World Edition is designed for children ages 5-10; the USA Edition is for children 7-12.  Monthly subscription fees for either the World or the USA Edition is $11.95/month plus $2 shipping; an annual subscription is $10.95 a month (single payment of $131.40 plus $20 shipping); and a six-months subscription is $13.95 a month (single charge of $83.70 plus $15 shipping).  Learn more about these educational kits at Little Passports.

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