Luci is a solar-powered LED lantern

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The folks at MPOWERD were inspired to create their LED lantern after the earthquake in 2010 left Haiti devastated and in the dark.  They developed Luci, a tiny but powerful solar-powered lantern that can provide light and safety to people worldwide.  You can keep one in your emergency preparedness kit or in your camping gear.  People in less-developed areas can extend their lighted hours with a lantern that doesn’t emit toxic fumes and pose a fire danger.  The lantern has a solar-charged lithium ion battery and 10 LEDs that produce 65 lumens of light.  When not needed, Luci flattens down to a 5″ X 1″ disk; it inflates to 4″ tall.  You can purchase a Luci lantern for yourself for $14.99, and you can also give Luci lanterns to people in need.  The first lantern you give costs $14.99, and additional gifted lanterns are only $9.99.  MPOWERD says “Luci lights will be placed in the hands of those living in Energy Poverty through our incredibly dedicated global Give Luci NGO partners.  With your support, MPOWERD has already sent almost 3,500 Luci lights to our NGO partners, impacting close to 20,000 people and eliminating about 1 million kg of CO2 from our shared air.”  

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