Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand review

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Are you fighting a never-ending battle for desktop organization?  The Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand just might be the ticket.  But how can a monitor stand help?  Let’s take a look.

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Inside the box you’ll get the the tray top, two metal U-shaped legs, and audio cable.

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The bottom of the stand is a bright, lime green.
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The back of the box give four simple steps.  The audio and USB cables are totally optional.

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For the 2″ height, just slip the U-shaped legs into the slot.

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If you need some more height, flip up the folding tab and insert leg for over 3″ in height.

satechi F1 stand-08

Closeup of the mic, headphone jacks, and connected USB cable.

satechi F1 stand-12

Front side.  Four non-powered USB 2.0 ports and mic/headphone jacks.

satechi F1 stand-17

My 27″ iMac (2009 model) atop the Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand.  The Apple slim USB keyboard slides underneath neatly on the 2″ height.  The stand is rated for 22 lbs, but I noticed some slight bowing where the iMac sat.  My iMac weighs in at 20.5 lbs (official specs) so between that and the external hard drive and Pawtec UltraSlim external USB slot loading blu-ray drive, I’ve probably nearly reached the load limits anyway.

satechi F1 stand-18

In the end, I decided I really needed the stand at my office.  Here you’ll see it serving as a tray top, holding my iPhone, Lego Mars rover, gum, nail clippers and other junk.

If you need an extra boost for your monitor, the Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand works great if you can meet or beat the 22-lb load limit.  I’ve found the 4-port USB hub to be incredibly useful, and the lime green adds a splash of color in a sea of drab office decor.


Product Information

  • 22lb weight limit. USB 2.0 (for hub)
  • Choose from either a 2" or 3.1" height
  • Four port USB hub is really handy
  • Most keyboards should have no problem sliding underneath
  • Plastic tray top tends to bow under load

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  2. Hi! I want this for my 27″ iMac as well, but it says on the website it’s “not recommended.” Do you think my iMac will survive if I buy this? I could put something underneath for extra support so it doesn’t bend and snap. I wanted to see if anyone uses it for 27″ and I found your page. A reply would be nice because I can’t find any other stands I like and you have real world experience 😛

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