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I have been a writer here at the Gadgeteer for over a decade. Hard to believe it has been that many years. It all started with a tech question in an email to Julie that led to her eventually asking me to join the team. I believe there were only four of us back in the day. Seems like forever ago… But I digress, I will begin with my desk itself; it is a heavy solid wood, turn of the century behemoth. My wife and I bought it decades ago in pretty rough shape and refinished it together as an ‘us’ project. As you can see, I prefer to keep it as minimalist as possible. I hate clutter and am always fighting the battle of keeping it tidy.

Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size.


My main computer is a 2012 15″ retina display MacBook Pro that normally sits on my mStand, a solid aluminum laptop stand from Rain Design. Under the computer is the kanex simpleDock USB 3.0 hub and to the left is an Apple USB SuperDrive. I use a wireless/bluetooth Apple keyboard and trackpad for input. On the far right is the Brother desktop scanner I reviewed last year. I keep my iPad mini on a Just Mobile aluminum tablet stand when I need to connect it to my MBPro or for watching a video while at my desk. When sitting at my desk, I keep my Galaxy Note 3 on my RAVpower wireless Qi charging plate.


In any given period of time, I am at my desk maybe 20% of the time; primarily when I need to recharge or be connected to another device like my iPad mini or GN3. Most of my computer and/or writing time is done away from my desk…while I am on the road, sitting in my favorite chair, in front of the TV, or simply on the fly. Even though I am more efficient on my MBPro, I have been inputting more content via my GN3 and the WordPress app. There are many times comments/thoughts hit me about an item I am reviewing that if I do not get inputted will be lost to me forever. Or on the flip-side, I enjoy quietly clicking away on my laptop in my “comfy chair” before the rest of the family has gotten out of bed…very peaceful.


This is my photo studio, not much to look at but gets the job done. What you see here is a Costco plastic fold-up table, white sheet of construction paper, and a wooden stand/frame the Gadgeteer Kid built me when he was 11 years old (after I griped about the paper always falling off the wall). I take my review pics with a Nikon P7700 and SB-600 flash. I sometimes consider upping my game and buying/creating a better space; and probably will someday, but for now this works well enough. Though I am sure, either way, my wife would prefer me finding a better location than our guest bedroom.

As I said, my desk is more of a charging/connecting waypoint or safe harbor from the insanity of our home than anything else. It is not nearly as colorful or ‘alive’ as Julie’s desk is but it is definitely me. In my very hectic and busy world, it is nice having a place that is quiet, simple, connected and functional.

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