Canless canned air

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Canned air is very convenient for cleaning computer keyboards and internals, but it’s not the safest stuff to use.  It uses nasty propellants to drive the air out of the can, and those aren’t good for the environment or your health if you breathe them in.  The cans get super cold quickly, and they can even cause frostbite if you try to spray them for too long at once.  The Hurricane 2 Canless Air System replaces those dangerous, and expensive, cans of air and noxious chemicals with clean, breathable air.  The Hurricane 2 is a hand-held, battery-powered compressor that can shoot out a jet of air at 200 mph.  It won’t freeze up after a few seconds like normal canned air; it can produce a 12-minute stream of air.  It’s even safe to blow on humans because it won’t freeze the skin and it doesn’t have dangerous chemicals.  Each charge is the equivalent of about 20 cans of air.  The Hurricane 2 Canless Air System is available from ThinkGeek for $99.99.  They also offer an accessories kit containing a concentrator nozzle, flexible extension tube, and a brush for $9.99

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  2. We tried this for the shop. Unfortunately it just didn’t work out for us. It would often run out and be unable to be charged quick enough for business use. I was impressed however with the volume. It’s certainly no quite quieter then a compressor. However the video I watched on think geek is very misleading. Ours had a motor whine to it, the video you only hear wind. I dunno if that is “artistic marketing” or we had a defective model.

    In a nutshell I WOULD recommend this for personal use (if they can get the price down a bit). I however would NOT recommend it for a busy tech shop.

  3. I bought a unit a year ago, still works great, lots of power and I don’t buy canned air anymore! We’re all different buy it, try it and see as that’s the only way you’ll know. Or as the one pin head suggest buy an air compressor for in your home or office, now that sounds practical, not!

  4. We use these DataVac electric blowers (we have three) on a daily basis in my IT job for blowing the dust bunnies out of older systems that get repaired/reimaged. They work well, and no recharging needed. Also small enough they can be transported easily across our large support site for blowing out printers and such as necessary. They are robust and have been getting the job done for several years now since switching from canned air.

    Two-thirds the price of the rechargeable one. Not as compact either, but longevity counts for something.

  5. @Ladd I assume you mean me? I use it for far more than cleaning my computer. I use it to clean my RC car, filling tires on my snow blower, lawn mower, wheelbarrow, etc. To me, the little 3gal Craftsman I got on sale for 90 bucks was a far better buy.

  6. I have one also but I got it on Amazon and it was like $80 I think? Maybe it was a less powerful unit, it looks just like that but it blue. Anyways…..I use it for copier/pc/printer repair and it is AWESOME for that. I just can’t imagine lugging around an air compressor to each job like Mikey PH said since I am a field tech. I don’t think it will fill tires on a snow blower, it might, but I also don’t think that was what it was designed for. The biggest pros for me are it saves me a ton of money and it doesn’t freeze the toner in the copiers, which was a huge problem with the compressed gas. The only con was the upfront price but I was spending like $15-$16 a week for 2 cans of the compressed gas so it paid for itself with 5-6 weeks.

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