Saddleback Leather bag giveaway!

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sb4 Gadgeteers, today is your lucky day to enter our contest to win your choice of one of three gorgeous leather bags from Saddleback Leather Company. We’ve been featuring bags from Saddleback for almost 7 years because their quality and workmanship is unsurpassed. They don’t offer a 100 year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship for nothing! If you haven’t been able to enter one of our contests in the past because you’re outside the US, you’ll be happy to learn that this contest is not restricted to the US. It’s open to everyone and is easy to enter, so what are you waiting for?


Winner will choose one Saddleback Leather bag from the following selection  (including preferred size and color):

sb3 sb2 sb1

Utility Duffel $548 – $598 value
Squared Backpack $582 value
Classic Briefcase $568 – $664 value

How to enter (please read carefully – any missed steps and your entry will be disqualified):

1. Between now and 03/07/2014 11:59PM EST leave a comment on this page telling us which Saddleback Leather bag you will choose if you win this contest and what you will carry in the bag.

Optional: earn one extra entry by tweeting the following: Win an awesome leather bag from Saddleback Leather Company and The Gadgeteer! If you tweet, copy the link to the tweet and leave it in a 2nd comment to this post.

2. At some point on 03/08/2014, I’ll pick 1 random winner using The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to claim their prizes. If I do not receive an answer to my emails in that time period, I’ll do other drawings till the prizes are gone.


1. Only one entry/comment per person (warning: I check IP addresses).

2. Gadgeteer writers, family members and close friends may not enter this contest.

3. is not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses.

Note: The links to Saddleback Leather Company on this page are affiliate links. If you use one of these links to make a purchase, we will earn a small percentage of the sale, so we appreciate it if you click through.


The winner is #338. Congrats to Ned and thank you to everyone who entered and to Saddleback Leather Company for sponsoring this awesome contest!


499 thoughts on “Saddleback Leather bag giveaway!”

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  2. Beautiful bags!!! I’d go with a Classic Briefcase medium for my 2008 Aluminum Macbook and my iPad Air…plus all the other physics teacher crap… =)

  3. I would choose the Classic Brief Case. I’ve been looking at this for years but could never justify the cost. It would replace my backpack. My EDC is an iPad, personal Daytimers, telecommunications Standard Reference , business cards, first aid kit, survival kit, Fenix PD32 flashlight, SOG multitool, hearing aid repair kit, and SEAL survuval kit. In addition to this documents from work, chaning depening on what I am working on at that time.

  4. I’d put my tablet, folder for student papers, and my texts in it. It might be a bit more impressive than the backpack I’ve been using!

  5. I’d probably go with the classic briefcase – currently I have a “knock-off” because it was what I could afford… though the duffel is tempting because I would probably never otherwise be able to justify getting one 🙂

  6. Classic Briefcase…use it as a basic work briefcase that looks so much nicer than any of my box store purchases.

  7. I’d like to have the square backpack. I’ve always wanted a leather backpack to carry around and I would use this more than the other 2 offered.

  8. I would love the classic briefcase. I currently carry a MacBook Pro an iPad 2 an external hard drive, Logitech trackball and assorted cables.

  9. I would choose the classic briefcase to put all the myriad Cub/Boy Scout treasurers files, folders and binders in.

  10. I’m a bit torn between the briefcase and the backpack. But I’d pick the briefcase because I’d get the most use out of it. I would use it to carry my work laptop, lunch, and other daily work/play essentials.

  11. I would go with the Utility Duffel and use it as often as I could just to have that smell and feel of quality leather nearby wherever I go!

  12. Thank you for sharing this opportunity – I love the Classic Briefcase – looks like a perfect fit.

    Again, thank you!

  13. I would chose the classic brief case. I would carry my office in it (laptop, tablet, current project I am working on, assorted supplies).



  14. I’d choose the Classic Briefcase. It would easily carry my electronics and miscellaneous other components.

  15. I would pick the classic backpack for its gorgeous classic look. I am a geek so I typically carry 1-2 tablets (ipad Mini 2nd generation) and/or a Windows 8 tablet of some flavor, a small cable pack to charge all my goodies, small bluetooth mouse, extra batteries, couple of thumbdrives and couple extra styluses.

  16. I’d love any (all) of them! If I had to choose I’d go for the briefcase though, because I’d use it most often. Put my tablet, chargers, and work documents in there.

  17. Love the classic briefcase! Now that I’ve graduated my nylon Jansport messenger bag doesn’t always seem appropriate. This bag looks fantastic and could very well last my entire career!

  18. Sherwin Nazareth

    I would choose the Classic briefcase. This would be my every day carry bag, for the essential road warrior. Would be used to carry, MacBook Air , ipad, notebook, headphones, backup drive, various assortment of chargers , usb drives business cards , pens and assorted essential daily paperwork.

  19. Classic Briefcase – I would carry an iPad Mini, a digital camera (Fuji X-E1), a film camera (Nikon FE2), and any accessories/cables needed.

  20. Nice-looking bags! The utility duffel would be my choice. I’d have to think about whether I’d ever want to take it on a plane to decide between the large and medium size. Given the bulk and weight, I suspect that I probably would just use this for auto trips.

  21. I would be happy with any of Saddleback’s awesome products but give the choice I would pick the utility duffel. I travel on a fairly regular basis for short periods of time and this bag would hold all of the essentials (Dopp kit, change(s) of clothes, a few other sundry accessories) in style. Plus it would take any unintended abuse that might get handed out.

  22. The Squared Backpack to double as a carry-on and daily duty for my electronic gear I need on the job. Nice giveaway!

  23. Michael Nichols

    I would love the Classic Briefcase . I travel quite often. I love to see those wonderful leather briefcases of those in first class and always am jealous. I would carry what I carry on all my trips. Cables, surface 2, ipad, phone, pens, moleskine and various EDC stuff. I would love the briefcase.

  24. Squared backpack (tobacco colour) would be just great for my daily commute to hold all my gadgets and upcoming trip to London as carry on luggage.

    Awesome bit of kit!

  25. Wow.

    Squared Backpack

    Carry would be iPad, journal and writing and drawing pens.

    And I suppose a laptop when I couldn’t get out of carrying it.

  26. Amazing giveaway! I’d go with the classic briefcase and wouldn’t carry anything in it… I’d gift to bro-in-law as he’s always wanted one. I’m partial to my WaterField Cargo and would be hard pressed to replace it 🙂

  27. I’d want the briefcase for my son who’s graduating from college. For me, I’m still trying to convince Saddleback to offer an even thinner version of one of their thin briefcases – big enough for a tablet, charger, and letter sized papers and nothing else.

  28. Bismillah! This is awesome. I would definitely go with the Classic Briefcase in Tobacco, medium sized. Id be using it for my Nexus 7 Tablet, Samsung S2 Phone, 2 Moleskines, probably my latest copy of Organic Gardening, a collection of Poetry or Short Stories (Flannery O’Conner for now) and Im currently perusing your site to get a good recommendation on a keyboard for my Nexus 7. So that would be in there too. Hope I win!

  29. I would choose the XL Classic Briefcase in Tobacco. And it would be used for my daily work commute with my MBP, iPad, notebooks, and all the miscellaneous equipment I carry.
    : ) :

  30. I would go with the Squared Backpack since I already have the briefcase and love it. I would carry my presentation materials and iPad in it.

  31. The Squared Backpack is awesome! I would give it to my wonderfully rugged husband for all his adventures. He loves Saddleback!

  32. Ooh, these are gorgeous bags! I’d love to get the medium-sized Classic Briefcase in Dark Coffee Brown to carry my macbook air and iPad mini.

  33. I would use the squared backpack to pretend like im indiana jones with my kids and take them on voyages in the woods! haul binoculars, compasses, snacks, etc!

  34. I would pick the classic briefcase. That thing is SHARP! I would use it to carry about my tablet and laptop for work.

  35. I would love the classic briefcase. I would use it as my camera bag and double duty it as a diaper bag as well. It’s too difficult carrying two separate bags when I’m on the go with two kids in tow. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  36. I have several Saddleback small items, but I have always wanted the Classic Utility Briefcase. I feel it would help me be more productive just looking at it while contemplating life and trying to write.

  37. Beautiful bags. I would choose the squared backpack an put my cycling gear, tolls, extra shoes and shirt and a few beers. Maybe a tablet or laptop occasionally too.

  38. Classic briefcase. I ride a motorcycle with a messenger across my body getting to work and have been looking for a dependable leather option. iPad, Lenovo X1 Carbon, Misc tech gadgets, books etc.

  39. I would love to own the classic briefcase. This would mainly be used for work and travel and would allow me to finally get rid of this backpack I have been trying to make work for far too long! Laptop, electronic gear, documents… All will fit nicely in this briefcase.

  40. I’d love to be able to add the utility duffel to my admittedly already significant Saddleback collection — looks like it’d make an excellent piece of luggage for slightly longer trips. The smaller carry-on size would probably be perfect for an upcoming trip in the spring!

  41. I would choose the classic briefcase and use it a much cooler diaper bag than the one I have now 🙂 Nice bags!

  42. I love the look of quality leather goods. I would choose the squared backpack. That would be a lifetime of trips!

  43. I would have to go with the classic briefcase. It would be perfect for the trips between offices to hold all the papers and forms oil usually accumulate during the day. Also, can fit my laptop and tablet along with all the miscellaneous junk I carry with me day to day.

  44. I would choose the Classic Briefcase. I’d carry just about everything in it: work papers, laptop, camera, ipad, sketchbook, lunch (in a well-sealed bag!), and if I can find one, perhaps a small kitchen sink.

  45. I’d probably pick the Squared Backpack – it would be great to carry to/from work, with my laptop and EDC inside!

  46. I forgot to add I would carry my other leather things from saddleback! I need a good backpack to carry my journal, Bible and various other items I need every day. Would look so sweet on my back! This grandma wants that square backpack! I am in Florida and don’t have my laptop with me so squinting writing this post as I love Saddleback leathers!!!!!

  47. I’m a big fan of that briefcase, although the backpack is nice. I still think the briefcase would get more use though for me.

  48. Were I so fortunate as to win, I’d choose the Squared Backpack, this bag would accommodate my daily carry quite well and bring a rugged elegance to my fair. I typically carry my Thinkpad, iPad, and my portfolio as the big volume items. Along with those mainstays, I carry an assortment of pens/styli, a laptop battery, a DVD drive, and external HD, USB drives, and many cables, adapters, and etc. I also carry a couple of screwdrivers with an array of torx, Phillips, and flathead attachments.

  49. I’d go for the Utility duffel. Between the multiple ways of carrying it and my obsession with never ever checking luggage unless I have to, that looks like the perfect bag for conferences.

  50. I would choose the Squared Backpack as I travel extensively for business. Having such a durable and functional backpack would allow me to carry my “office” with me wherever my work takes me. I would be able to take my laptop, iPad, folio, files, and all of the supporting technology and tools necessary to help me make the world a better place one client conversation at a time. The good looks of the backpack would help start conversations along the way, allowing me to tell the stories of both Saddleback Leather and The Gadgeteer.

  51. Classic Briefcase! I got to ogle one my seatmate had on a flight a year ago, and thought that it was a wonderful piece of gear.

  52. I’d go with the classic briefcase, and would carry my usual things: iPad, wallet, flashlights/multitools, paper, pens, chargers, and a few course books for my classes.

  53. I’d choose the classic briefcase for the stuff I need at work, iPad, phone and whatever I have to carry around.

  54. I’d love the backpack in tobacco – would be great for hands-free hauling of dog training equipment when I go to trials!

  55. I have several Saddleback Leather Company products and they are all of excellent quality and are hard wearing.
    I am in need of a new duffle, so the medium duffle in Dark Coffee Brown would be my choice.

  56. I would choose the duffel. I recently started traveling for my job and found that I don’t have a good duffel I can carryon. This would allow me to bring some of the extra color management equipment I need for my job in a classy and classic duffel

  57. I would choose the Squared Backpack Style. This would work nicely for quick bike trip to work and between work building trips. It’s very practical and stylish.

  58. Larry Silverman

    Having fallen in love with my Saddleback mini iPad case, I have lusted for more quality leather products from Saddleback.

  59. All three are awesome. Choosing one, I would like the Utility Duffel. I would carry my tablet, camera and rare coins with me when working. After work, I would carry everyday stuff and have people call me Doctor.

  60. I would choose the Classic Briefcase in size Medium, Tobacco. I love bags of all types, but I have a special affinity for attache and messenger bags. I tend to carry a book, a camera and a magazine or two wherever I go, but I also carry a laptop back and forth between home and work and am occasionally on the road for a week at a time.

  61. I would probably go for the Utility Duffel for the my travel gear and pair it up with my Tom Bhin packing cubes.

    I got a Bugatti small duffel bag as a gift and it’s very nice (and rather pricey), but you can tell the quality is lacking compared to what Saddleback produce with the thick leather, minimal number of seams and leather pieces.

    I have a Saddleback ID Wallet and the quality is amazing.

  62. OH be still my heart… I am in love/lust with these bags! I can almost smell that yummy leather. I especially LOVE the classic briefcase. I would love to use it as an extremely cool mama/camera bag! Thank you so much for the chance!

  63. I think I’d like the classic brief case, I’ll be retiring soon so most likely use for travel gear as a carry-on.

  64. I would love to win the squared backpack. I would carry my macbook, nexus 7, and other random things that accumulate within one’s backpack. I would also take this with on my trip to mexico.

  65. I’d choose an XL Classic Briefcase in Carbon and use it as my go to bag when I travel the globe. I’d put my laptop, change of clothes and camera gear into it.

  66. I have a few Saddleback Leather products. They are ridiculous. Ridiculously overbuilt, awesome and long-lasting. I have a feeling that my kids WILL be fighting over them when I’m gone.

    I always wanted a SBL duffle bag – that would be my choice and it would be in dark coffee brown, just like my other stuff.

  67. TXMX (B. Perez)

    I’d pick the Utility Duffle in Tobacco and fill it with my clothes for weekend adventures. Looks like it would make a great carry on bag.

  68. I would love the Utility Duffel in Tobacco brown. I’d likely use it as an overnight/weekend bag for clothes and toiletries, especially when flying somewhere briefly. I love that the medium works as a carry-on. I could also see my wife and I carrying photography equipment with it when we travel!

  69. I would choose the Utility Duffel.

    I would stuff it full of clothes and tools needed during my travels. The size seems to be just about perfect for those week long trips.

  70. I would totally pick up a Large dark coffee classic briefcase. I would carry The Count of Monte Cristo, Les Miserables, My Bible, My journals (wrapped lovingly in my handmade journal bandolier), my pens to help document my adventures, my laptop and cables, my Kleen Kanteen water bottle, and my jacket.

  71. I would like the classic briefcase, I would probably put my iPad, keys, saddleback wallet, and leatherman in there, plus a diaper or two, snacks, and some toys for my toddler.

  72. Absolutely no doubt about it, the Squared backback in dark coffee brown. I’ve been eyeing it for years to carry my MacBook Air, a couple iPads, and a Big Jambox all around the country–and, as of this fall to Thailand as well. I’m a SL DCB addict (just ask my wife), but I prefer to look at it as investing in my kids’ futures…since they WILL fight over it all when I’m dead.

  73. I’d pick the Large Classic Briefcase in Dark Coffee Brown. I’m a student so laptop, books, etc… Plus I’m a husband and daddy so there will probably be some Batman toys in the mix.

  74. Wow, I remember reading your 2007 review of the Classic Briefcase when I was researching before I invested my Large Dark Coffee Brown. Love that bag.

    I’d go with the Squared Backpack in Dark Coffee Brown. Would split time as a commuting back (laptop, gadget/cable holder, lunch) and photo bag (2 bodies, lenses, flashes, etc.)

  75. I would like to win the Utility Duffel. I would use it with some inserts and carry a 4×5 pinhole camera setup in it (film holders, tiny tripod, notebook, meter, a book for imagination… ).

  76. I’d love a large briefcase, big enough to hold my 17″ laptop because nothing says kick-ass professional like one of Dave’s briefcases.

  77. Classic Briefcase. I’m finishing grad school, and need a professional case like this! I’d carry my Macbook Pro 13″, iPhone 5s, a portfolio for writing and the like, power cords, and my everyday carry bag made by Timbuk2 with all the gadgets you’ve made me crave over the years.

  78. I would pick the classic briefcase and fill it with my laptop and other everyday carry items. I love the look of heavy duty saddle leather.

  79. For me it would be the squared backpack in tobacco. It would be carrying laptop, tablet, books, snacks, trusty leatheman and whatever else I need that particular day. Sure hope I win!!

  80. I have the Saddleback Leather classic briefcase and it is because of a review on The Gadgeteer several years that piqued my interest. Since then I have purchased a few of the smaller accessories which I use daily. The duffel in Chestnut would be a nice addition and would be perfect for my carry-on luggage (I don’t check anything) in my international travels for business. This would also make a great 50th birthday present as I am reaching that milestone the day your contest ends. As a side benefit, they do attract attention from those who appreciate quality.

  81. This contest could not come at a better time with my Graduation around the corner (May, 3). As a Business Management Major, a need for a quality briefcase is extremely important. If I was to win, I would choose the large briefcase in Dark Coffee. This bag would be my daily carry for work, it would hold my laptop and all necessary tools needed for my IT System position. This includes a MaxPedition Beefy pocket organizer packed with Zip Ties, Channel Locks, Leatherman Multi-tool, flashlights, a lighter and networking equipment to get me through a pinch. This briefcase would ultimately be my go to bag for my fishing and hunting trips across the Southern United States. I would accompany me to the annual dove hunts in Abilene, Texas, the cold trips to Stuttgart, Arkansas for some late season duck hunting and the Spring trips to Lake Fork for spawning Largemouth Bass. This work of art would get the scars and scratches one of this quality deserves. My wish is to have a tale to tell for each one of those scars and scratches as I carry it into my office during the work week. This bag would lead a double life as a IT Professional in a Corporate work environment, and a outdoorsman’s pack that carry’s fishing gear, ammo, and a outdoor journal capable of holding each trips memories and stories for years to come.

  82. The squared backpack would be perfect for carrying around a change of clothes and extra buy-ins for poker games.

  83. I would love to have the classic briefcase, which I will carry my laptop and any paperwork as I go to work every day.

    Classy !!!

  84. Eddy Del Castillo

    The Utility Duffel is the one for me! 🙂 Cant’ afford a nice bag like this, so I buy then at the local thrift store until they break and then I sew them back together until they are more sewing than bag and then donate them back and buy another one. This bag would be awesome.

    Things that go into the bag:
    1. My homemade utility knife (made it from an old oyster knife I found in the thrift store).
    2. Short spoon and Fork (a spoon and fork with the handle sawed off).
    3. Clothes for when I stay over places.
    4. My Idea / Sketch book.
    5. My computer & cables (A gen 1 macbook air I got as a hand me down from a friend).
    6. Napkins.
    7. Ketchup packets.
    8. Food.
    9. Respect.

  85. I would love to win the utility duffel. Quickly starting to realize that a backpack for all travels (business and pleasure) may not be the best for a young professional anymore.

  86. I would choose the utility duffel, as I am a long haul truck driver in Australia it would be ideal to take with me in the truck to hold all my clothes etc. Would need to take a beating!!

  87. I would choose the medium classic briefcase in tobacco. I am currently a student so I would carry a laptop, books, etc. But I would also use the briefcase when I travel.

  88. I would choose the large Utility Duffel in tobacco or chestnut. I’ve had the slim briefcase for a year and a half, and it is amazing!

  89. Oh how I would love the squares backpack to fill up with medical books, my stethoscope and likely a snack or two whilst studying. It’s hard enough to try and look stylish in green scrubs, but this would help a LOT!

  90. Ohhhh, really difficult choice — duffel – backpack – duffle – backpack……

    And, should I win the choice would be, the duffle.

  91. I would have to go for the Classic Briefcase. I don’t mind toting things by a handle.
    As to what’s inside… whatever I need at the time. The way my life runs today, I don’t have any kind of EDC other than my pocket contents. What I need right then and there I stuff into my range bag, my mini messenger bag, my Tom Bihn or variety of other totes. Heck, if I had a bag that good lookin’, I’d carry it empty!

  92. Oh that’s a toughie. But I haven’t had a backpack for a while, and I want to start riding my bike to work, so I’d pick the backpack and would use it to carry my daily stuff – wallet, tablet, phone, etc.

  93. If I’m lucky enough to win, I’d like the Utility Duffel….and will carry numerous utilitarian items in it! Kidding….most likely clothes for a weekend away, things like that. Good luck to all!

  94. I would choose the Utility Duffel (large, chestnut) to carry all the stuff I travel with. Clothes, books, cables … far too many things!

    (I have a Saddleback Leather briefcase, and I can recommend it to anyone interested. In an age where so many things are made cheaply and designed for immediate obsolescence, it is really nice to find high quality products that are built to last.)

  95. If I win, I would chose the Classic Briefcase and keep my iPad, morining newspaper and all of my business papers in it.

  96. I’d choose the Classic Briefcase and use it basically just as that: hold my laptop/iPad, a book or two, whatever supplies I need. It’d probably become a go-to carry-on choice for flights.

  97. Hands down I would choose the Classic Briefcase. It’d be my primary work bag for my laptop and related files I need.

  98. If I win, I would choose the large Classic Briefcase in Tobacco color! I love this bag!!
    I have always wanted a bag to carry back and forth to work every day. So inside would be my lunch, hat and gloves, water bottle and my iPad.

  99. I would choose a coffee classic briefcase to carry my MBA, Ipad Mini, Livescribe 3, charging cables, and headphones.

  100. Rachel Cartucci

    I would love the squared back pack!!!!! I could carry everything I need on a daily basis in that bag!

  101. If I win I would choose the classic briefcase, and stuff my other cases inside of it, because that’s the only way they would ever leave the house again…

  102. Thank you for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. I would choose the Utility Duffle. It would serve as a travel bag for both myself and my mister. I’m not sure what he would carry in it, but I would pack it full of books, beauty products, and snacks. Priorities, people!

  103. I would choose the briefcase, because that is a brillant companion for my work every day and my 15″ Monster Laptop, which I have to use at work.

  104. Marianne Schultz

    These bags look awesome. If I won, I’d choose the utility duffle. I’d use it to hold my clothes, toiletries, and other gear on overnight or weekend trips. Since a carry-on size is available, I’d also use it on longer trips as my carry-on bag on planes to hold electronics I wouldn’t trust to be kept safe in a checked bag.

  105. I’d give the briefcase a very happy home and would be the envy of the staff room as I pulled marking and planning out.

  106. briefcase!
    I think my laptop, notes, my gerber applegate and coffee will fit nicely.
    I’ll also have a presentable pack to use for internship interviews!

  107. Oh where to begin — as a man of many hats, I think the utility duffel probably suits my needs in a unique fashion. I mean look at that thing, its sexy and useful – its like James Bond and Indiana Jones had a lovechild, and for some reason, that lovechild has a tremendous taste in luggage.

    But seriously, back to the bag. What would I put in it? That’s a personal question, but let me lay out a few ideas:
    – 3 speedos and 4 gold chains, in case i want to change into sexy mister-t randomly on a beach while traveling
    – a small bag of goat feed (you never know when you will need it)
    – a fun noodle, cut into smaller fun noodles… you know, for more noodle fun
    – 17 oranges. enough said.

    All that for when I was just lounging around. I guess if I was going on a date, I might add a couple of batting gloves, an eye patch and a copy of nickle backs last album (chicks love that stuff).

    Anyway, thanks for the time. Saddleback up!

  108. I’d probably chose the Classic Briefcase and carry my lappy with me every day. I’d look great and probably outlast me.

  109. I have few Saddleback Leather Company products and they are all very good. I am in need of a new duffle, so the medium duffle in Chestnut would be my choice. This would allow me to bring cloths and electronics I need for my travelling needs.

  110. I’d pick the Classic Briefcase and carry everything I need for my commute, including: Kindle, Chapstick, water bottle, notepad, magazines…

  111. I would choose the Classic Briefcase as it would make the perfect every day cary for my work as a Field Engineer.

  112. Patrick McGillicuddy

    I would love a large utility duffel in dark coffee brown. In it I would carry everything that does not fit in my recently purchased dark coffee brown squared backpack. Great stuff!

  113. I have a very old and tired laptop case so the Classic Briefcase would be perfect. Apart from my laptop it looks like I will have plenty of room for my Surface RT, phone and my files! (Plus all the other bits and pieces I always seem to carry with me!

  114. Thanks for the generous giveaway! I would like to be entered for a classic briefcase. I drive all over Houston for my job and could certainly use a nice briefcase to carry my electronics and personal effects.

  115. I would choose a medium classic briefcase in tobacco. I would use this bag solely to carry my tea and tea accessories to and from work. While home my tea would stay inside, displayed in my kitchen in the splendor of it’s leather home for all to see and love. And awe will be had by all. And I will live happily ever after.

  116. Chris Boughton (@boughton92672)

    I need that classic briefcase for all my work stuff! and March 8 is my birthday, so I need a good gift!

  117. I would pick the Squared-Backpack, because it will stay the most securely in place when I’m running for the bus every morning!

  118. It’s so hard to choose, but the squared backpack in leather would be the perfect backpack for traveling in Europe. I would carry my iPad Mini, camera, sketchbook, conte crayon and Burt’s Bees. Love!

  119. I would most definitely choose the Utility Duffel in tobacco. The use of this bag would be for the storage and care of my double edged razor and accessories.

  120. I would choose a medium classic briefcase in tobacco. Then I would give it to Speedy McBean so he could carry his tea to and from work, and share it with his incredible coworkers. You see Speedy is obsessed with Saddleback leather, and I am obsessed with Speedy’s tea. If I won the bag and gave it to him, he would owe me forever, and I’d let him pay me forever in silver needles and 20 year old pu erh. It’s a win/win.

  121. I would love to have a classic briefcase. Need a new work bag to be used for all my daily gear as well as weekend bag for adventures with the family.

  122. I would pick the classic briefcase. I have lusted after a Saddleback Leather product ever since first seeing them on the Gadgeteer years ago. I would make sure my briefcase contained my laptop, my professional journals, two or three fountain pens and at least two fountain pen friendly note pads, like the Rhodia or Clairefontaine.
    With this packet in hand, my day would be complete, well equipped and stylish.

  123. Utility Duffle – ideally, the medium in Chestnut. It would be my bag for gym things – and my carryon for travel.

  124. While I really like the Utility style, I could get a bunch of my gadgets in the Square. I think I would go with the Square.

  125. I would choose the classic briefcase. I’m a professional clothier. I would carry my swatches in the bag. I cater to the who’s who. The bag would definitely be in the “spot light” with the right audience. This would be great exposure for Saddleback!!

  126. I’m about ready to graduate college here so I’d go with the Classic Briefcase. I would keep my laptop, tablet, and a binder full of resumes and business cards as I start my job hunt.

  127. I’ve longed for a Saddleback bag since I first saw one of your reviews years ago. Every couple months or so I hit ebay in the vain hope that a bag might have gone up for sale for a deal.

    I would definitely go for the briefcase since your review shows that my MBP will fit….

    Love the site…

  128. I would love the classic briefcase in dark coffee brown and I would carry all my electronic gadgets and what nots

  129. I would choose the Saddleback Classic Briefcase. I have been drooling over (but never on) that one for the past few years.

  130. I would chose the Utility Duffel and carry my iPad, my kids iPads and their DSis. It’s hard to find bag that would fit odd shaped items and it looks like the Utility Duffel would work great!

  131. As full time RVers, my wife and I do a lot of traveling. The Squared Backpack would sure make a great “Bailout Bag” for us. Thanks for the chance to win.

  132. I would love the Classic Briefcase. I have a saddleback wallet and belt. They are awesome, I love the story about Blue. I would use the bag for work on a daily basis carrying around my macbook pro and other misc things.

  133. Torsten Kohlmann

    I would choose the large Classic Briefcase in dark coffee brown. It will hold my daily used items like a laptop, some moleskines and pencils.

  134. sherry mckinney

    My boyfriend’s duffle has worn out and he is in need of another. He travels about once a month to visit family & friends in his hometown. I would love to surprise him with this wonderful looking and durable item for his next trip.

  135. I would choose the utility duffel in carbon to fulfill my packing dreams. Mostly for those short business trips as a carry all, or for general travel to the cabin, etc. Love this! Thanks for the contest.

  136. I would choose the classic briefcase in dark coffee brown and carry my ponderous collection of medical texts and files I cart around daily.

  137. The utility duffel for sure! I’ve been looking for a sturdy carry on bag for my travels, and the medium would be great! Hard part would be choosing a color, but I would probably have to go with the new tobacco!

  138. Would be the classic brief case for me. Having carried the same old messenger bag to work everyday for the past 8 years or so it’s certainly looking a bit worse for wear. I would carry my note 3, ipad air and a tasty sandwich!

  139. Brian Van Deutekom

    It’s a toss up between the awesome classic briefcase and the cool backpack. For my needs I’d probably take the classic briefcase. You can’t beat Saddleback leather for a great quality product. I would carry everything I could fit in it 🙂 Thanks.

  140. If I was luck enough to win I’d choose the Classic Briefcase. But if I win I would give it to my brother! He’ll use it to carry his laptop and all his work papers rather than in the old, falling apart bag he has now. Really, the Classic Briefcase has Joe’s name all over it! And if I don’t win, one day I’ll hopefully be able to buy it for him!

  141. I’d take the Squared Backpack. Would carry my Dell Venue 8 Pro, Sony Camera, all assorted cables and chargers as well as whatever documents were needed for the trip. You can never have too much stuff! Dave

  142. Awesome giveaway! My husband has a briefcase already which he loves so I would go for the utility duffel. It would be a great companion for all the travelling I do to keep my laptop, journal, clothes, camera etc. I’m sure it will fit some of the souvenirs that I like to bring back.

  143. I would choose the Squared Backpack in the tobacco color. This is honestly the coolest backpack I’ve seen for a while!

  144. The squared backpack would be a great carry all for my photography and geochaching toys. It wouild make those activities all the more enjoyable!

  145. I would prefer the classic briefcase as it most closely resembles my Targus Laptop briefcase (which is really showing it’s age after six years of hard use). Thanks for the opportunity!

  146. The classic briefcase so I can get the Death Star plans to Obiwan Kenobi.

    “This isn’t the briefcase you’re looking for.”
    “This isn’t the briefcase we’re looking for.”
    “Nothing to see here.”
    “Nothing to see here.”
    “Move along.”
    “Move along.”

  147. It’s the Squared Backpack for me!
    Looking forward to lugging lunch on my motorcycle.
    Perhaps even three square meals a day.

  148. For me the choice is the Square Backpack. I’ll fill it with Macbook Pro or iPad, camera gear and GoPro, notebooks, and other things that I take to the race track.

  149. I would choose the Large Classic Briefcase in Dark Brown. It would be perfect for my Chromebook, Moleskines, folders of papers and other supplies!

  150. I would choose the Saddleback Squared Backpack. I’m retired and don’t need a briefcase, but I do travel. This would allow me to put my electronics in the backpack plus some travel clothing.

  151. Dark coffee utility duffel (large) for carrying clothes and other items on long trips. That color would let it match my other saddleback items (belt and ipad case)

  152. Squared Backpack is my choice it has that Western old time cowboy look. Would be great to carry my laptop and paper files and even a change of clothes.

  153. I would choose the Classic Briefcase, and I would put all of my work documents and laptop inside. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  154. If I won the contest I would definitely appreciate the medium briefcase in tobacco brown. I live in NYC and going to work and school in style would be the name of the game with a bag like that. I would use it to carry my books and notebooks so I am prepared for anything in style.

  155. I’d choose the utility duffel and I’d use it as my carry on luggage. It would be stuffed with my normal travel clothes, gadgets and supporting infrastructure for gadgets (chargers etc.). It would also occasionally be used as one bad ass gym bag.

  156. I would get the squared backpack to more easily carry all my teaching gear here in Changsha, China. I have to carry a few hundred sheets of paper across town on a bus and it is gets heavy and crowded! Also will come in handy when taking the kids around traveling, and as a carry on when going back stateside.

  157. If I had won I would choose the large Classic Briefcase in Light Tobacco Brown and it would become a tool bag for me. I would carry two rechargeable drills with the extra batteries and chargers along with a plastic small parts container that measures 15″ x 11″ x 2″ which looks like it will fit perfect. Thank You

  158. KEVINpatrickGOULET

    The Classic or The Squared… both are terrific… either one I could put to good use. Thanks for the chance to Win!

  159. I would definitely go for the Classic Briefcase. Daily carry is always a camera, sketchbook, ipad mini, and some cables. Sometimes a Macbook Air too.

    It would be nice to not have to keep reloading the Dave’s Deals page on the Saddleback website looking at bags I can’t afford! 😉

  160. That Utility Duffel is what I want. That looks like it would make the ultimate photo gear bag for my camera and lenses.

  161. If I am chosen as winner of the give away, I will pick the squared pack in dark coffee. I volunteer English Second Language and I will carry my MacBook in it. It is so fashionable that I will be asked many times who the manufacturer is and can proudly say it a Saddleback Leather Co. pack and is the best!!

  162. I’d choose the squared backpack, and I’d put almost everything I need to at work in it. Netbook, Lunch, spyderco UKPK and any other bits and bobs.

  163. Squared Backpack in Tobacco. I’d carry that ever valuable bottle of water and dry clothes while riding my motorcycle. My kool factor would escalate.

  164. I would choose the Classic Briefcase, perfect for my MS Surface Pro, iPAD, change of clothes, various HDDs and all the other crap-ola I tend to lug around 🙂

  165. On my trips around the world the Utility Duffel in Medium Dark Coffee Brown would be my only bag carrying all my clothes and gear.

  166. I would choose the Squared Backpack, as it is similar to some others I have been drooling over. I would use it to carry my laptop, tablet, and other various tech related gear.

  167. I need the utility duffel to complete the collection. Already have the backpack and classic briefcase.

  168. An extra large black Classic Briefcase would be perfect right now as my beloved 15 year old LL Bean leather Traveler briefcase is finally starting to show the years and miles and is going to need extensive repair to continue being used….

  169. I would choose the Classic Briefcase and carry my laptop, tablet, files, etc. to and from work. It’s a very stylish and rugged-looking briefcase!

  170. I love the look of the classic briefcase in tobacco, I am an educator so I would carry books, papers and my ipad in my briefcase.

  171. Daniel Bertalotto

    Definitely the classic briefcase to carry as many sketchbooks and Moleskine journals I can manage!

  172. If I won, I would choose the large briefcase in DCB and use it to carry my laptop and lunch to my new job that I just started since graduating college this past January. Thanks for the contest!

  173. I’d love to win the classic briefcase, because its–wait for it–classic! Really would class up my work laptop case, since I’m moving into a position from working tech in a dungeon to meeting real live people who make decisions about technology at a university 🙂

  174. The Utility Duffel

    I would carry my computer and camera equipment inside as I vacation during my time off from working on bases all over the middle east.

  175. If I win, I will choose the classic briefcase in dark brown and carry highly sensitive spy data in it including my secret decoder ring !

  176. Amazing opportunity here sir. If i were to win i would choose the squared backpack style and use it to carry all my daily necessities to work: books, student papers, laptop and lunch. Would also make a great travel/carry-on companion.

  177. That Large Chestnut Utility Duffel is what I would choose if were to win. Inside, hummm, gym stuff, or when travelling, then clothes.

  178. Large Tobacco Classic Briefcase, as a new school teacher, I would use this bag for carrying my teaching material.

  179. I would choose the LARGE CLASSIC BRIEFCASE in LIGHT TOBACCO BROWN to celebrate my graduation from school! I will carry my laptop, ipad, and anything else that wants to join in on the leathery ride. BooYeah! Thanks for the chance to win.

  180. I would choose the Squared Backpack. What a beautiful bag. Well thought out, and make to last a lifetime.

  181. Michelle Boychuk

    I would choose the classic briefcase because it’s classy, but more importantly it’s a sidebag and a backpack. I’ve been looking for a convertible bag like that for ages. I’d carry all my important school work and as many snacks as possible.

  182. I would choose the Classic Briefcase. There is something classic and vintage looking about it.

    As four what I would put in it…iPad Air, current books I’m reading for my Master’s Degree, Camera (Yes, I still carry one of these. Don’t judge.), check books, business card case, cloudFTP, and anything else I might need on the adventure of life.

  183. The medium classic briefcase in chestnut, would be fantastic. I would carry my iPad, notebooks, magazines, pens, book of the moment, and current files of works in progress.
    Thank you

  184. If I won I’d choose the medium Classic Briefcase in Dark Coffee Brown to carry an Ipad Mini, a Zendure charger, at least one flashlight and whatever documents I need on a given day. The MacBook would go in when I travel.

  185. I would choose the classic briefcase. I would carry the various papers I need for work, but also all my every day carry items. These include my kindle, a good knife, multitools, backup HD, charger cables and my lunch!

  186. i’d go for the large classic briefcase in tobacco. i would carry my macbook pro, ipad, some cables, a good knife and my sunglasses in it. i really like its classic good looks.

  187. All of your bags are very nice. But if i had a choice it would be a sleeve. Now i store more on my laptop and have less paper. Wireless, wi-fi things of the new nature. If I need top print I can send to printer. It is less bulk. And it dress well. Less room need than a bag or should I say a manbag. When you walk in a room they see you got it together. Not seeking for organizing at time of meeting.

  188. I would choose the Squared Backpack in the color Tobacco. This would be perfect to put my camera, cell phone and wallet in to keep my pockets and hands free while on adventures with my family.

  189. I would love the classic briefcase. It would be perfect for carrying my tablet, protable HDD’s and cell phones…

  190. The classic briefcase would become my daily-use work bag and would be task to carry my laptop, iPad, papers and all the other requisite junk I need to earn a living and to be able to afford MORE GADGETS!!!

  191. I would choose the classic briefcase and take that classy bag to work every day. I’d carry my laptop, tablets, tools, water, chargers, and everything I take to work every day.

  192. From the Saddleback Leather Company, I would choose the Squared Backpack. It’s spacious enough to become my everyday go-to bag for all my needs; it’s separate comparments and pockets will keep me organized and give me quick access to my things when I’m traveling by train, plane, or automobile; and it’s padding will protect my electronics. Specifically, I would carry my laptop, smartphone, travel documents, notebook, writing utensils, skincare products, various kid items, jacket/sweater, and food in it – pretty much my basic life necessities. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  193. I would choose the backpack in dark coffee brown. I would use it as my every day carry. iPad, gadget pouch with chargers etc, laptop and work related things.

  194. I would like the utility duffel bag if I won. I travel quite a bit, and love the quality of their bags. I would use it for my weekly travel needs. Duffels are so much easier to put into overhead luggage compartments.

    I travel weekly with the following

    Clothes (of course)
    Apple Airport Express
    Brookstone Mini Projector
    Various Cables and chargers
    Workout gear

    This bag would get A LOT of use

  195. I would use the Briefcase, in it I would carry my IPAD 4th gen, and my Galaxy note 10.1 tablet. The briefcase would also help me carry my other minutia around between my two offices.

  196. I think I’d go with the classic briefcase. It’s a cool looking briefcase. You could wear like a back pack if I decided to ride my motorcycle to work on nice days. This would replace my plainjane nylon backpack that has seen better days. Carry a Dell laptop, my Kindle, an iPhone, miscellaneous papers and accessories and, maybe, my lunch.

  197. I need a carbon classic briefcase to carry everything to work and back: laptop, any necessary files, a bunch of writing implements, sticky notes, my moleskine notebook, extra cords and power cables and much more.

    Or I may just put the thing on my desk and admire it for its beauty…

  198. I’d love to have the Classic Briefcase – as my trusty Ally Cappalino canvas messenger back, is giving up the ghost.

  199. Mariaelena Dominguez

    I love the squared backpack. I got a camera for Christmas but haven’t gotten a bag for it so I’d use it for that. Thanks!! :))

  200. Jackie Anderson

    If my name is chosen, I’d like the Squared Backpack in dark brown as a surprise gift for my husband. We travel quite a bit and it would be perfect for him to use as his carryon loaded with the essentials for overseas trips.

  201. I would choose the classic briefcase to carry my everyday items such as my laptop, books, iPad, notebook and all the other essentials! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest!

  202. The Classic Briefcase for sure. This briefcase looks tough. I have a deerskin bag for my laptop while it is soft and luxurious it is showing some wear. I want to try something tougher like this bag.

  203. I would absolutely choose the the Classic Briefcase, as a replacement for my current daily business bag to carry my laptop and other essentials to and from my office. It would also be utilized as a travel carry-on bag as well as a camera bag when the need would arise to carry a lot of gear.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this high quality bag.

  204. I would absolutely love the Classic Briefcase. I would put my laptop, daily gadgets and lunch in it. I would be the envy of the office.

  205. I’d go for the classic briefcase. I already have a saddleback wallet, so I’d match the colour to that. It would replace my work satchel so that I could enjoy it every day!

  206. Will use the classic briefcase for daily use in customer meetings. Have been looking for a classic leather case and this fits the bill PERFECTLY! Nothing more solid than a beautifully tooled leather bag… Thanks!

  207. The Dark Coffee Brown Squared Backpack for sure would be the one I would pick! I would keep my Macbook Pro in there, various cables and adapters, and plenty of books for reading and for my job!

  208. I would love the classic briefcase. Have you guys seen the “How to knock off a Saddleback bag” by Saddleback? Genious

  209. I would choose the classic briefcase. This would be perfect for carrying all of my paperwork around with me. I work for a company that works with mentally challenged individuals and the paperwork is tiresome.

  210. I’d have to go with the large classic briefcase for an iPad, various odds and ends, a reusable shopping bag that’s folded up, a Kindle or a Kobo reader, a battery pack, and a few extra bits. A good looking, solid bag is just what the doctor ordered.

  211. I would go for the squared backpack, and I would carry game prototypes and manuscripts I’m working on, plus a laptop with websites I’m designing. Mobile office, in leather!

  212. Large classic for sure.

    I’d carry all the bits and pieces that travel with me everyday.

    Fingers crosses.

    PS. Dark coffee. 🙂

  213. I’ve been drooling over the large classic briefcase in Dark Coffee Brown for weeks now, so I would absolutely plump for that! I would use it everyday, be it as my work bag for all my books/files/iPad or for travel, photography and everyday adventures.

    Coming from the UK, this is a really great opportunity for me to become part of the Saddleback family, so thank you for the chance!

  214. The classic briefcase (as shown) to carry my laptop, tablet and other work related books / documents to work as a pilot.
    Kick ass, all business looking bag that can take a beating!

  215. The squared backpack. I would use this to carry my everyday extras: pencil and pen cases, back-up battery charger, sunglasses, etc.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  216. I would definitely select the classic briefcase and use it as my work bag. I would be filled with work papers, fountain pens, and android devices.

  217. i’ll go with the classic briefcase to replace my free [laptop maker] backpack that i’m using for work since it’s the most convenient (even if it isn’t quite the most stylish).

  218. I like the square backpack because it looks like it will hold my 11″ MacBook Air, my iPad Air, the power cords, AND all my purse stuff with room to spare.

  219. I’d go with the squared backpack and gift it to my son. I’m guessing he would carry his laptop and various college junk in it.

    I’m not that generous passing it on. Already have an XL briefcase, L thin briefcase, 3 messenger bags, L satchel, and L front pocket backpack. All are truly excellent. So…going with the squared backpack ’cause there’s not one in the family already.

  220. I would choose a medium utility duffel in tobacco. This would double as a weekend travel duffel and would be a perfect range bag. Would carry shoes and clothes sometimes….ammo, magazines, eye/ear protection and firearms at others. Love Saddleback products!

  221. I would love to win the squared backpack in Carbon Black, if given the choice of colour, and I would use it for school, 2 binders, 1 textbook, 1 MacBook Pro in a bookbook, and a retina iPad mini also in a bookbook

  222. I would choose the Classic Briefcase!!! I know that my husband really wants this bag, and he would carry all of his work stuff in it!

  223. Kimberly Milstead

    I would love to have the LG Classic Briefcase in carbon!! Right now I carry a backpack to work with my laptop, notes & other personal items … along with a lunch bag & purse! I am the original bag lady!! How cool would it be to have just one, very smart looking brief case!!

    I would be able to carry my laptop, iPad, phone, lunch bag, and personal items all in one bag!!!

  224. The medium classic briefcase is something I’ve wanted for a while. Great giveaway. I’d use it to carry my iPad Air and other equipment when I have presentations to make.

  225. The big or large briefcase looks like it has backpack-like straps. That would work for me in many situations, home or travel. Cross fingers.

  226. I have a co-worker who just bought one of these and you can tell it will last 1000 years and if I live that long, I will pack with all my necessary and unnecessary gear. It’s fit for home and work and it will never go out of style.

  227. if i luckily get picked as a winner for this giveaway, i would choose a chestnut classic briefcase as a prize. i would use it as my everyday bag. i can put my nexus 5, nexus 7, wallet, home keys, tissue, external battery, sandisk clip+ mp3 player, notepad, pens, folder, extra shirt and a mini bluetooth speaker.

  228. I think I would go for the Squared Backpack. It seems as though one would be able to fit more and larger body parts after disassembly. Leather would better contain pesky fluids which tend to just get filtered through the canvas, leaving more dna laced goo. Plus leather is a natural disinfectant. So here’s hopin for the win so I can get busy!

    Kinda creeped myself out on this last bit…

  229. I recently invested in a Saddleback Classic Briefcase so I’d have to go for the utility duffel. Look’s like it would make a great overnight bag for family trips.

  230. Pierre Pelletier

    I would love a large utility duffel in chestnut. I would use it to carry clothing and gear when travelling in northern Quebec.

  231. saddleback leather company briefcase would be sweet…not going to tweet…but would love to win a large brown one…put music stuff.

  232. I would choose the classic briefcase and I’d carry all my folders and notepads to and from work. My dad always used an attache case and as a kid I thought it’d be cool to have an important job and carry a brief case. (I am wiser now!)

  233. I would pick the squared backpack. I would carry my laptop and model making + drafting equipment. I think this leather bag would be a great finishing touch to my architect-y attire. Best of luck to everyone that entered. Cheers!

  234. The extra large Classic briefcase in light tobacco brown. My 15″ laptop would go in the back slot. The iPad would go in the front slot. Cell phone, pens, cables, power supplies and other accessories would go in front slot pockets. My keys would go on the spring clip in between the slots. Cash and important documents like passport. etc. (while traveling) would go under the false bottom. An umbrella would go under the flap straps and I would wear it backpack style.

  235. Niels Olof Bouvin

    They are all gorgeous, but I would choose the Utility Duffel, and use it for travelling. It should be able to hold clothes, cameras, and misc. electronics.

  236. Definitely the Classic Briefcase! It would be perfect for carrying books, my laptop and other work related materials.

  237. I will choose the squared backpack, and I will probably carry my thinkpad and my Nexus 7 with me daily.

  238. I would love the Utility Duffel.
    I use a backpack for my everyday stuff, but sometimes I need the extra room. It would work perfectly for short trips.

  239. I’d go for: Classic briefcase ,, extra large-light tobacco brown, as it would be nice for outings, media, and meetings.

  240. It all looks wonderful! I really need a sophisticated bag that is functional at the same time. These bags are great fit.

  241. I would use the classic briefcase to shuttle my study materials back and forth from my church job and my hospital job.

  242. In my wildest dreams, I would pick the Utility Duffle (light tan). I would use it in my day to day commute. It would be very easy to put all my daily stuff in including my laptop, several phones and chargers, lunch, couple of diapers (Mr. Mom w/newborn) and a change of clothes for him and myself.

    I really would love to win this…but I am sure someone will have the best day ever when they read your email stating they are the winner of a fine piece of leather.

  243. Saddleback Leather Company Briefcase, GIVE IT TO ME! I will give it to my girlfriend who right now carries all kinds of stuff around in a backpack… this seems more appropriate to me 🙂

  244. I don’t believe my first entry was submitted because I failed to enter my name. I think the squared backpack would be handy and stylish for hauling supplies back and forth between my home and my kindergarten classroom. It should hold the necessary teaching materials as well as my lunch and a couple water bottles. On weekends and school breaks, it would be super for heavy duty hauling like the family’s sporting gear, gardening tools and gloves for volunteering or perhaps picnic gear, paired with a cooler. I think it’s a great looking bag and appreciate the opportunity to enter!

  245. I would choose the classic briefcase and would carry my work documents in it and be the envy of everyone in my office.

  246. They’re all beautiful, and I’d love any of them, but would prefer that gorgeous briefcase. Thanks for the opportunity.