Tech Candy’s Get Cord 3-in-1 USB cable will consolidate your cables

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Instead of carrying a 30pin cable for your iPod or older iPhone, a Lightning cable for your newer iPhone or iPad and a microUSB cable, you can buy one Get Cord that can be used for all three types of devices. This cable features an 6 foot long woven fabric cable with a USB connector on one end and a 3-in-1 connector on the opposite end. Before you ask, no, you can not charge / sync 3 devices at once with this cable. Just one at a time… The Get Cord comes in four different colors and is available for $19.99 from Tech Candy.

Note, this cable is not Apple certified, which means it may not work with devices running iOS 7. It’s been confirmed that this is not a problem.

14 thoughts on “Tech Candy’s Get Cord 3-in-1 USB cable will consolidate your cables”

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  2. Great review. Sounds like a great product!

    I feel like an idiot; I just clicked on their website but I couldn’t find it…

    Where is it hiding? I only see the woven usb cables.

  3. Thanks for such a kind review, Julie! The Grommet is carrying four of our colors, but the Tech Candy site actually has seven different color ways. These cords have been a HUGE hit for us. They’re mighty handy- I have two in my house, one in my car (with the 6′ length, passengers can even charge and use the devices from the back seat), and one at my office desk. On Monday, we are launching a companion product that is a must-have as well. (Hint: It’s called the AC/DC.) Check our site then!

  4. Thanks Julie! I feel like an idiot (I was looking at the product and didn’t realize it).

    Looking forward to seeing what this AC/DC product is now!

  5. I have had my tech candy cord for 2 weeks. the first week it worked great. I was actually planning on getting some more of them. Then it started giving me a notification that this device may not be compatible with my device and will not charge anything anymore!

  6. I have to agree with kristie.

    I have the same problem. I ordered two of these (one for me, and one for my Father). They both worked fine for us for weeks, until we ungraded to iOS7.1. Then, we both would get the error on our iPad stating that it was not compatible. Sometimes, I would give the error, and other times I wouldn’t. Regardless, it took HOURS to charge. My father timed his, and it took over 15 hours to fully charge his iPad from 10% to 100%. We both went back to using the original cables and charger that came with our iPads.

    Therefore, I can confirm with kristie, that they didn’t work for us (two separate cables, so it wasn’t an isolated issue).

    P.S. I bought out Tech Candy cords from Material Girl Online. They couldn’t be better to deal with a totally refunded my money for the cords!

  7. I have had this cable for a month now. At first it did charge my iPhone 5s but after about two weeks it will no longer work with this device. The 30 pin and microUSB still work fine as of now.

  8. Will this fit to replace my special USB cable for my Candy Tech by Madison NEWYORK Mobile Phone Watch CT-03?

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