This iPad cover incorporates a Bluetooth speaker for improved sound


The one thing I don’t like about my iPad mini, and this is true of every iPad I’ve owned, is the wimpy sound from wimpy, back-facing speakers.  I’ve tried various methods of increasing the sound, but I usually just cup my hand around the bottom of the iPad to redirect the sound toward me.  Bluetooth speakers are great, but I don’t always have one at hand.  With the soundPad cover from Atoll, I’d always have a Bluetooth speaker with me – protecting my iPad screen.  This product is currently seeking funding on indiegogo, so it doesn’t exist yet.  If funding goals are met, these silicone covers will have magnets to sleep/wake the iPad, and it will fold back to form a 5W Bluetooth speaker that reproduces 180-20,000Hz sound.  Atoll says they solved the problem of good sound in such a small package by “creating speakers with mini-magnets, having one resonance chamber per audio channel, and pairing each audio channel with mini sub-woofer and tweeter.  The final result is an audio system with a unique 4-speaker configuration – 2 pairs of speakers – for a fully immersive, uniquely balanced experience.”

There are 53 days left in the funding period, and there are still early-bird special pledges left; you can get a soundPad to fit an iPad Air, iPad mini, or iPad Classic for as little as $109.

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