ZHIP tie your smartphone for security


The nice thing about smartphones and MP3 players is they’re designed for use anywhere.  The bad thing about using them anywhere is the danger they face from unexpected falls from some of the places you try to use them.  With the ZHIP stand, you can securely tie your small portable device to a cabinet pull when you’re cooking, from a pole of the treadmill when you’re working out, or even from a loop on your clothing.  The ZHIP stand fits around all smartphones and mobile devices up to 3.2″ in width, so some devices can even be in their cases.  It can be used as a kick stand, but the unique cord that stores in the back of the ZHIP extends so that you can make a loop to hook over a cabinet knob or the latch on an airplane’s seatback tray.  You can extend it further to wrap it around the headrest poles in a car or around parts of the treadmill display so that you can read books or recipes or watch movies without fear that your device will fall into the mixing bowl or to the floor.  The ZHIP is available at Freewell for $19.95.

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