Il Bussetto Cognac Leather Zip Wallet review

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Although minimalist wallets and money clips are currently the popular style, I prefer a small zippered wallet and have been carrying one for the past 8 years. Being able to secure the contents by zipping them up just makes me feel better. The latest zippered wallet that I’ve been trying is an Il Bussetto Cognac Leather Zip Wallet from UK based Opumo.

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Il Bussetto is an Italian based leather company that uses traditional tuscan techniques to create very classic styled wallets and other holders. The Zip Wallet is made of hand painted vegetable tanned “Cuoio” leather and is available in several colors. The one you see here is the Cognac version, which has a very rich chestnut color. The leather itself has a very fine grain with a smooth satin finish. It has a unisex design that men and women will both appreciate.

Most zippered wallets are designed to hold all the items INSIDE the wallet. The Il Bussetto does things a little differently by adding two credit card slots to the outside.


The wallet is very compact, with a footprint of 4.2 x 3.5 in (10.5 x 9 cm).


Unzipping the metal toothed zipper reveals a cream colored pigskin lined interior. I was hoping to see some more card slots and some type of organizer or divider, but it’s simply an open empty area.


The outside card slots can hold a few cards each or just your 2 most used cards. The fit is snug enough that the cards won’t fall out when you hold the wallet upside down or shake it. It’s hard to say how well the slots will hold up after prolonged use though.


While using this wallet, I have not hadany issues with the metal zipper. It opens smoothly by pulling the leather covered pull tab.


Currency will need to be folded before adding it to the wallet. The only thing I noticed with the metal zipper is that I didn’t like the way it felt to rake the sides of my fingers against it when I would insert them to retrieve some money. The zipper won’t cut you or anything like that, but the edges are a little sharp and scratchy feeling. I’m being extremely nitpicky…


I really like the look and feel of the Il Bussetto Cognac Leather Zip Wallet, but am finding that it’s a little too small for me to use. It is smaller than my current favorite (WaterField Design Finn wallet) wallet, which also has some inside pockets which I prefer.

Having said that, this wallet is extremely well made. I could find no defects in the material or workmanship. The price from Opumo isn’t too bad considering that this is a quality  leather wallet made in Italy. I was surprised that shipping is also affordable. For $12.75, they will ship FedEx Express to the US. The Il Bussetto Cognac Leather Zip Wallet makes a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates well made leather items.


Product Information

Price:£45.83 ($73.42 US)
Manufacturer:Il Bussetto
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • 2 external card slots
  • Zipper secures contents
  • No organization inside wallet

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  2. I’ve also got a waterfield design finn wallet (it’s my second wallet from waterfield design after replacing my earlier catch wallet, also from waterfield design) and seeing this review, the Il Bussetto reminded me a bit of it. I really prefer the shape and pockets in the finn and the quality has been great. I’ve had mine for about 6 months now and its showing some patina on the leather but no wear otherwise. I’d replaced my catch wallet after the rubber tip on the zipper pull wore off. While it was still usable, I saw the finn and really liked the new design so I decided it was time for a replacement.

    I’d bought the finn that was sized to fit my iPhone 5 and it does fit well as long as I don’t have a case on my phone. I can fit it with a really lightweight case but it’s a snug fit; I use it primarily like this when I want to consolidate all my pocket stuff into one item like when I go hiking.

    For the cost of $40-45 for the Finn, I can’t say that this Il Bussetto wallet offers much appeal but I always like reading your reviews; just figured I’d reiterate how great the Finn is since you mentioned it.

    1. @Bryan I also upgraded from the WF Catch wallet to the Finn 😉 We seem to have the same tastes! I think this IL Bussetto is better suited for someone who is a bit fancier than I am. The Finn just feels more comfortable and I really like how the inside pockets keep everything organized.

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